TSA Refuses Drivers License, Demands Passport

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Affection, Jul 19, 2012.

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    Some jurisdictions may not be so tolerant of such displays of free speech. Never can tell when its a full moon.
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    Have your SO write Bite Me in the appropriate location.
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    I submitted the following question on TSA.gov.

    The reply --

  6. That's a pretty unhelpful response. They can ask to see another form of ID, but is a person required to show it? And if it's not a requirement, why would they need to ask for it? Jon's experience here convinces me that they are by policy looking for far more than WEI. That, and the GA pilot at the other site who had aeronautical maps confiscated (not asked to voluntarily surrender, truly confiscated).
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    Smurfs can't keep their made-up-on-the-spot rules straight. I used my passport instead of DL and the id checker at MSP a long while back told me my (current) AMERICAN passport wasn't valid, he demanded my Driver's Lic.
  8. Paul Sanchez

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    I love it every time something like that happens at the travel document checkpoint. I berated a screener at FLL when she asked me if I had a different ID than my fracking US passport card.

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