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    Excellent response!

    Rockland Times: TSA Response – Off the Mark

    BY Anthony Melé, MA, Diplomacy, Conflict Management

    The Towers, Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania were crashed into due to multiple failures by the US government, not because of one security guard or a razor blade. Aviation security can be achieved without the abuse of our Constitutional rights or sensibilities. For instance, not one single of the measures our passengers endure would have stopped any of the 9|11 hijackers.

    The traveling public has been unaware that it was the policy of the FAA and U.S. Government that pilots were instructed to cooperate with hijackers.


    The reality is a terrorist willing to blow themselves up will do it just as readily on board the aircraft as they would standing on line with literally hundreds of passengers.


    The TSA should be replaced with innovative security professionals without surrendering, liberty nor security.
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  2. Didn't I see Anthony Mele's name on a really excellent comment on some stupid TSA fluff piece?
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    He and I were tackling the Lisa Farbstein response piece that was trying to 9/11-shame Diane Dimond into compliance and submission.

    We also worked to debunk the 'roid-raging assholery of one Mr. Joseph Drinkhouse (yes, really - the jokes pretty much write themselves) Jr., who is apparently an Army vet turned smurf-clerk turned civilian contractor, and who was ranting and raving about how necessary TSA is and how everything they do is totally acceptable and legal because, hey, some pencilneck somewhere in DC rubber-stamped the policy documents whilst distracted by the decision of exactly how much blow they wanted to snort off the left (expletive deleted)-cheek of their favourite child prostitute that evening. So you know, stamped documents mean wholesale sexual assault is A-OK!

    That was in between attempts by Drinkhouse to discredit Liz Conley by taking potshots at her choice of military career, when nobody else in the thread cared and everyone chose instead to focus on the actual topic at hand - Farbstein's sniveling apologetics. (Liz, if you're reading this, I know retired USMC personnel both at the office and in my personal life, so if I ever call you "Jarhead," believe me when I say I mean it as a shining compliment. :D )
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    Sorry hit a bump.....but very nicely stated.....well spoken! !!
  6. Woah, is this our Anthony Mele?

    Anthony Mele For Congress NY District 17

    From his biography:

    Holy moly. I kind of want him to run for president.
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    I tend to agree with ya there.....yeep!!
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    I've been reading some of Drinkhouse's comments on other sites. He is one sick dude who needs help victims

    Finally have power but no internet.

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