TSA revising security screening at some airports

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    Too little too late:

    TSA administrator John S. Pistole said in an interview that the agency's priority this year has been to move toward a risk-based approach to screening, recognizing that the vast majority of travelers are not potential terrorists.
    "When the agency was set up, it was focused almost exclusively on the security mission and not as much on the passenger experience," Pistole said. "It became an adversarial relationship, so what we're trying to do through all these initiatives is change that paradigm and make this a partnership."
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    Not only to little and to late but TSA clearly states that the screening changes will not be seen at all airports. Until TSA stops treating everyone like a potential terrorist, sexually assaulting people, and robbing them of harmless items nothing is going to change.

    If it can be done wrong TSA is surely doing it.
  3. Is it me, or is this article about nothing but PreCheck? The headline makes it sound like it's some big new plan to not use scanners or something. I think it's one of those articles written by a computer algorithm or something. Lame-o.
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    This editorial is downright stupid.

    The linked article is the local paper for Memphis, TN.

    And this little gem is right in the middle of it:

    So, really, who gives a rip?

    Of course, the subtitle of the article was pretty awesome:

    "Criticism mounting on airport security".

    No sh*t, Sherlock.
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    TSA has now moved the Precheck number up to 5 million but in another paragraph says that 1 million have signed up so far. Apparently their lack of math skills prevented them from noticing that of the 700 million passengers each year, only 1 million have benefited from Precheck, five times each on average.

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