TSA says: you’re entitled to a refund!

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    Flyers, start saving your receipts! A very organized and persistent young mother did just that, and received a $3.99 deposit into her checking account for TSA-confiscated peanut butter.
    Yes, $3.99. For peanut butter. You see, this determined mother decided that having her personal belongings tossed into a trash bin was expensive and wrong, so she fought back. She patiently navigated the arduous and discouraging bureaucratic paper maze . . . and she won.
    So flyers, be of good cheer! Save all of those receipts, grab a glass of wine (or whatever), and go for the paperwork. If everyone took the time to save receipts, wade through the 4-page “SF-95 Tort Claim Package” forms and send them in, we just might turn the bureaucracy to our collective favor.
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