TSA searches Make A Wish kid

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Monica47, Jul 10, 2012.

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    On his Make a Wish trip to Disneyland. I'm too upset to even comment on this. This was posted on Twitter by a friend of this kid's mother.
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    This photo was posted on Reddit and has been picked up by other discussion boards on the web. Its caption reads:
    This is my friend’s son being searched by the TSA, note he has cancer and he is on his way to make a wish trip to Disneyland.
    Other commenters at Reddit chime in with stories of their own about being disabled and harassed by the TSA.
    At another discussion board, still more comments.
    As we’ve discussed many times at TSA News, the harassing of disabled passengers at the checkpoint is nothing new. Wendy Thomson, finally forced out of her job because she refused to continue being assaulted, wrote about her experiences here. I wrote yesterday about a deaf man being abused, and last week about other passengers. A few days before that, a disabled lawyer who was injured by the TSA finally settled his case. I wrote last year that the Amputee Coalition of America has had it with the TSA. And, of course, elderly people are routinely humiliated.
    I wonder how long it will take before the naysayers and TSA apologists out there wake up?
    Then again, perhaps they never will. There are always comments such as:
    Yes, I feel safer. No, I don’t feel outraged that someone got searched in an airport. I totally believe someone bent on destroying the US would absolutely use someone like this to attack us if it became a known fact that small children who appear to have life-threatening illnesses and are going to Disneyland will never get searched.​
    Land of the Fearful, Home of the Subjugated.
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    I hate to say it but this photo does not show any abuse by TSA towards this child. He is sitting in a chair and the TSA clerk isn't touching him. We have a battle to fight and win but this kind of deal doesn't help the effort.
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  5. I think some of these recent stories are troubling to me because they are so emblematic. The Make A Wish kid, the deaf man, the religious woman asked to lift her skirt, the cute redhead college student who, you can tell by looking at her, would never harm a fly, and yet appeared to be tagged SSSS. I agree, there's nothing unusually troubling about the Make a Wish kid getting his prosthetic swabbed, except that he looks possibly a little freaked out by the process. For all we know, he was searched by friendly screeners with minimal hassle (it's a possibility, if not a probability). What's troubling is how much he represents the degrading idiocy of the process. Smart security would be able to look at the big picture and assess that none of these people in the recent batch of stories are a significant threat, and that they are certainly as acceptable a risk as unscreened cargo, unscreened vendors, questionably screened and background-checked TSA screeners, and everybody's body cavities. These stories aren't horror stories, but they do demonstrate the bassackwardness of the process, show how much that the procedures are largely ritual humiliation, and tarnish our nation's morality.

    Does every kid with a prosthetic who gets to meet the president have to be searched by TSA-type protocols? I doubt it. My own young kids were waved through to see a presidential candidate (Ron Paul) in heavy coats that could have easily concealed a gun, even while all adults were aggressively wanded. Why are children considered acceptable risks in some high value situations and not others? These are the questions I would ask the idiot commenter who "absolutely believes" somebody would use a child like this as a WEI mule. I'd also like to ask that person where their belief comes from, and if it's such a good idea to base public safety and security on belief rather than reality.
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    The problem here is the two-digit IQs that TSA hires from ads on pizza boxes and gas pumps. They don't have the capacity to make intelligent decisions and provide "smart" security.

    Until & unless TSA improves its hiring selection and starts employing people with sufficient cognizant ability in adequate numbers, they can only rely on these random acts of stupidity to make us "feel" safe. TSA as it is now structured basically is INCAPABLE of improving. I'm not optimistic that their HR practices will rise to the challenge any time soon.
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  7. I agree. But I increasingly suspect that the low-rent hiring process is by design, and why? It can't be because the budget are a problem -- they have billions to spend on high-tech gadgetry.
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    Because the smarter ones will question their orders. So of course the TSA prefers idiots who're incapable of alternative employment. (Morons)

    That said, there are some smarter ones. They don't question their orders because working for the TSA affords them opportunities to exercise their antisocial predilections on a populace that simply can't fight them directly. (Thugs, thieves, and perverts.)
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  10. My point is that, a young woman with a clearly cheerful demeanor heading off on an innocuous adventure and traveling with her mother and grandmother got what sounds like a SSSS search for no apparent reason. I'm not saying security should be based on how a person looks, but a full monty search of person and belongings should not be done randomly, without cause. Nothing about Spencer warranted extra scrutiny -- it was ritual humiliation.
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    What extra scrutiny did Spencer get?
  12. This is the one I mean:


    ETA: The picture and happy-go-lucky chatter that leads me to suggest she is a person you could assess as very low risk for WEI, not in need of extra scrutiny, is on her blog here:

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    I heard a lawyer from EPIC being interviewed on the radio this morning about the new laser scanners Gizmodo reported.

    As she rightfully pointed out, if anyone is relying on TSA to stop a terrorist attack by scanning or groping passengers they'll likely be disappointed.To be effective, threats need to be intercepted via intelligence long before they are at the airport doors.
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    Did she happen to say what EPIC's position is on these scanners. Something like this could be sufficient to keep me in my house if they got loose and into general use.
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    Not just the hring selection, TSA needs to change it's stance, philosophy, and process altogether.
    Viewing and Treating every single person as if they were guilty until they can prove themselves innocent by secret standards and criteria -start with that.


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