TSA Shill piece on CNN - Discusses last 10 years of Airport Screening

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by mikemey, Sep 2, 2011.

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    New Age Security Solutions, does this mean Shirley MacLaine will be wandering around with some crystals while practicing Behavior Detection voodoo? :p
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  3. Sunny Goth

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    I saw the same article and was going to post but you beat me to it!

    There was a lot to hate in that article. Conspicuous by its absence was any mention of physical body searches and body scanners. Are those part of 'today's little annoyances'?

    And the whole 'casual conversation' technique makes me nervous. We have a long tradition in the US of not having to talk to the police unless we're being formally detained by them. If a police officer stops you on the street and wants to engage in casual conversation, you ask 'am I being detained?' If not, you're free to leave. What happens at the airport is murkier. TSA aren't police, but they're pretending to be - and they'll call the cops if they don't like your answers or if you just seem a little bit 'off' to them (which is not any kind of a legal standard). What if you tell the BDO you're going to a protest? Will they think they have legal discretion to prevent you from flying (even though you answered their question)? Will they call the cops? What if you say you're going to a non-Christian religious conference?

    I'm skeptical about giving the TSA the ability to attempt to use Israeli-style behavioral security in the US. The people doing security in Israel's airports are highly trained and Israel is small. We've got the opposite. ;) How many BDOs does will each airport need (large and small)? Multiply that by the number of airports around the country. Are there that many TSA workers who have the brain power to become that highly trained? And even if we do have that number, we've never had to justify or explain our domestic travel plans to police or other governmental agents in order to board a plane, bus, train, etc.
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    The TSA claimed all the screeners in BOS performing the new Behavior Detection voodoo are college educated. Of course there was no clarification what exactly they studied, so it could've been auto body repair classes at Cuyahoga Community College. :D
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  5. Mike

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    College educated? You mean "associate" degrees from Mickey Mouse JC? Hate to say it, but college is often as dumbed down as anything else these days.

    In fairness, not all two-year curricula is dumbed down -- my wife took some biology & chemistry classes at local two-year schools that I would have found quite challenging at the universities I attended, but you still need to take a closer look when someone flaunts "college educated" as a qualification, especially for a pool of employees such as you find with TSA.

    Meanwhile, this is one of two fluff pieces that AGITPROP seems to be working overtime to spread today.
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    I went to a four year college and it was full of fools, not all of them professors. Many of those fools actually graduated, including me.
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    Agree with Cartoon Peril. I attended a private 4-year school that is consistently ranked in the top 50 schools in the US. There were some people there I could never figure out how they got in. I imagine some of them are working for TSA right now.

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