TSA should explain its moves to prevent racial profiling

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    Boston Globe: TSA should explain its moves to prevent racial profiling

    Holiday travelers passing through checkpoints at Logan Airport may be surprised when Transportation Security Administration agents ask them questions like, “Where will you be staying while you’re away?”


    The thing most airline passengers remember about Logan’s controversial behavior-detection security program is that it was put on hold after the TSA officers asking those questions were accused of racially profiling passengers. In fact, TSA quickly restarted the pilot program after the officers attended a four-hour session on why racial profiling is unacceptable.


    If travelers are still uneasy about the program, it’s partly because TSA officials haven’t made the case why it’s effective, especially after the troubling accusations.

    Effective? These two-digit IQ's practicing un-peer-reviewed junk science couldn't distinguish between a tewwowist and an elephant.

    TSA still owes the public some answers: How effective has the program been in stopping terrorism?

    Zero detected, zero caught. They can't even catch their own thieves and drug smugglers. The last behavioral detection "officer" :td: I ran into tried to push my buttons by picking a fight with me.

    How will TSA know if racial profiling has stopped?

    It never will stop.

    And how confident are TSA officials that one session of sensitivity training will curb incidents of racial bias?

    Their employees are of such low quality that twenty sessions wouldn't make a difference. Why bother?
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    in addition to NOYFB, may I suggest FOAD, ESAD, and also GFYS. Unbelievable they would ask these kinds of questions. Do they still automatically feel your frank and buns if you decline to participate? Or just randomly. Or just as a veiled threat?
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    The TSA should first make some moves to prevent racial profiling before attempting to explain them.
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    Personally I enjoy psychic readers (behavior detection screeners) trying to get information out of me, I get more detected behavior and facial micro-expressions out of them. And on video as well.
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    TSA likely has assumed that this issue will be dormant for awhile and will resume the hijinks for another year or so until the next flare up.
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