Video TSA steals pizza!

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    Home recording of a newscast -- one of the two (Mr. Frederick?) works for the Wayne County Airport Authority, the other (name? Renee Dima?) works for TSA. Both are

    TSA steals pizza!

    Published on Jul 24, 2013
    some story about a TSA agent being drunk and with her bf who is an agent with Homeland Security,or whatever...and they didn't pay for their pizza and tried to drive off.
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    Apparently this is just another stolen/re-uploaded video: The story dates originally to May, 2010.

    Richard Frederick was an off-duty airport police office at DTW, Renee Zima worked for TSA.

    Gadling: Detroit airport cop and TSA worker accused of stealing pizza and punching clerk (May 3 2013)

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have two new contenders for the "dumbest TSA workers of the year" award. An airport cop and TSA worker both showed up at a Hartland Township, MI gas station to buy some booze in order to continue their buzz (which means they drove there drunk already). The two paid for the booze, then Renee Zima, the TSA officer, is accused of stealing two pieces of pizza, and leaving the store.

    When the store clerk approached them demanding payment for the items, Zima flashed her TSA badge, claiming she was with Homeland Security. When the clerk tried to get their plate number, these two idiots bent the plate, then stood in front of it, blocking his view. When the clerk went back outside, Zima's partner in crime (and off duty airport police officer) Richard Frederick punched him in the face.
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    Yup, you beat me to it Mike, this is from 2010.

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