TSA Strip Searches a 97 Year Old Woman

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Jul 25, 2011.

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    Has anyone shared this link with Drudge? I was surprised it hadn't been picked up by We Won't Fly yet. They're usually pretty quick with stuff like this...
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    I dropped it off yesterday. Maybe putting on at PrisonPlanet/InfoWars might help boost it.
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    I don't want to believe it. I don't want to believe that our government would allow this to happen at the hands of a government employee entrusted with our safety. I don't want to believe that a decent human being would strip search this elderly woman for any reason. I don't want to believe it because I cannot comprehend how this could be justified by the TSA under any circumstances. I don't want to believe it because it hurts to think how this woman must have felt. I don't want to believe it because it makes me lose faith in my country and my government and the people who allow this kind of abuse to continue. I don't want to believe it because it makes me realize that we are losing our compassion, respect for our fellow human being, our common sense and our freedom in this country and that makes me very sad.
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    Lisa, one of the worst things we can do is to accept every story we hear at face value; that will do nothing to help our cause.

    Let's start with the first three sentences of this one, (the first one of which isn't even a sentence):

    "As a TSA agent pushed my 97-year old mother, Mary Gruning, in her wheelchair through security at LAX. Alarms sounded, scaring both of us. The TSA man took charge, wheeling her to an adjacent end of the conveyor belt."

    I don't believe a TSA agent pushed the wheelchair through security. The daughter would have been doing that. They certainly didn't push the chair through the WTMD, they went around it. So why did alarms sound?

    Then she says the "TSA man took charge....." but in the first sentence indicates that the TSA was already in charge. So which is it?

    Next three sentences:

    "There, another TSA agent passed a wand over Mary, producing more alarming sounds. The agent asked my mother whether she had put on any hand lotion or cream. We both said no."

    She was either ETD'd or HHMD'd. HHMDs are allegedly no longer used so from the question re hand cream or lotion, we can infer that she was ETD'd. But ETDs don't sound alarms as they are being used. The agent who did the swab would walk over to the machine that sniffs the swab and that machine doesn't sound a loud alarm.

    Then off to the private locked room at 11:50. Please believe me when I say no 97-year old person is going to get herself completely undressed and redressed and undergo a complete pat down in the 10+ minutes they spent in that room.

    Finally, while I believe the sentence about the supervisors sitting on their butts, I don't believe this at all:

    "At noon, fifteen minutes until flight departure, I asked a fifth TSA agent, John R. whether he could call American Airlines and tell them we might be several minutes late. He said he couldn’t make the call, but if my mother wasn’t out of that room in three minutes, he was going to get her."

    Sorry, no TSA agent is going to risk his job in this manner.

    We just cannot take every report we read here as gospel and this one just stinks, IMO.
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    There's another version of the event posted here:


    which brings the time in the private room down to less than 10 minutes. It also says the TSA agents redressed the mother. I don't believe that for one second.

    ETA: in neither story does the daughter mention being screened herself at all. That should have happened, especially if the mother tested positive for explosives.
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    Certainly this version doesn't pass muster. No way that the screeners dressed her and the witness usually gets groped for their service, probably to deter family members from from doing it. A positive ETD and and a grope is a given.

    This could be nothing more than an elaborate fabrication, complete with photos or a real incident that has been embellished or inaccurately reported. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell.

    However, the fact that this doesn't seem completely impossible on its face is a stinging indictment of what TSA has become.
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