TSA strip searches lady, handles feeding tube, and steals food at Dallas Love Field

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by RB, Jul 18, 2012.

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    TSA agents have, yet again, strip-searched another woman. But that wasn’t enough. They also endangered her life by handling her feeding tube.
    Melinda Deaton was detained by TSA agents at Dallas Love Field Airport, said her husband, John Deaton. She has to travel back and forth between her home in Texas and the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for medical care:
    “They had physically stripped her and saw the tube coming out of her stomach, and they decided that they needed to check it for explosives, so they had to physically handle the tube,” Deaton recalled, adding that swabbing the tube for explosives put his wife at a risk for infections.​
    “Any time you put a harsh substance on it, you run the risk of contamination,” he explained. “They put stuff on there that we don’t know what it is and identify. She has a weak immune system as part of her medical condition, and it can be very fatal to her.”​
    I don’t know what it will take for people in this country to wake up. The TSA is bullying, harassing, threatening, robbing, and sexually assaulting people, every day. Yet the deniers and naysayers continue to stick their heads in the sand.
    What will it take? Will someone have to die? Someone like Melinda Deaton?
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    Silence from TSA.
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    Another article regarding this incident: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/lifesty...andmothers-tsa-humiliation-have-been-avoided/

    That's right - blame the victim. It's her fault she didn't inform the TSA of her medical condition. However, I read in another article she had a medical alert bracelet with USB that held all her medical information and the TSA wasn't interested in any of it. We've heard too many stories from other medically fragile passengers to believe anything the TSA has to say. And who are these "specially trained" TSA agents who help disabled passengers? Guess they weren't available for the poor guy who had the urostomy bag disturbed not once but twice. Or the flight attendant who was asked to remove her breast prothesis. What a crock of crap!!
  6. RB

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    Anytime TSA assaults a passenger as in this case it is only TSA's fault. TSA policies, TSA employees, under the control of truly incompetents.
  7. RB

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    Update: Just reported by DFW NBC affiliate, TSA properly followed policy.

    No (expletive deleted), TSA is trying to pass this off as normal.
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    Didn't inform?!!

    These front line expert geniuses whom are suppose to protect america from all threats can't see and identify a freaking feeding tube??

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    I swear someone just needs to freaking throttle TSA in physically and in the media... This is BS to blame the victim. I swear Im tempted to dig up the info the FSD of DAL and go in person and give him a earful. I dare any of his idiots to touch me as Ill show them what a level 1 trauma looks like.
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    Seems to me I read that she has made this trip in the past without any issue. Perhaps she was screened improperly on those trips while the most recent one was done correctly? A**hats!

    Sad to say that when I made my first comment yesterday, I was going to write that I'm sure it would end up being her fault for not calling the TSA's alleged help line to make pre-arrangements.

    Didn't the TSA initially insist their screeners did everything correctly when they strip searched the grannies last Thanksgiving? They then changed their tune, but I don't suppose they will ever do that again.
  11. RB

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    If TSA followed proper procedures then TSA procedure is wrong. I hope this ends up in a court of law where TSA procedures can be examined by the public. It is high time our electeds took action to take control of TSA and hold Pistole accountable for his actions as TSA Administrator. In my opinion Pistole should be in prison for life and when he finally died from natural causes left to rot in a cell until his bones turned to dust.
  12. Mike

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    This is just total medical bull:poop: .

    When I got out of the hospital in January, 2010, I had very similar apparatus only it was called a dialysis catheter and terminated in a vein in my neck rather than in my stomach. The apparatus was carefully sterilized and re-bandaged (special 4" x 6" bandages covering the entire area) by the nurse after each session. Nobody and nothing was to be under that bandage between sessions. I had spare bandages and could replace one if it came loose (exercise occasionally did that) but if there was any source of contamination I had to have the entire apparatus rebandaged (involved disinfecting the entire area, then sterilizing & wrapping the couplings and covering the tubing with the large protective bandage.

    For the life of me I cannot comprehend how a GED with two-digit IQ, no medical training and wearing gloves that have been run though how many people's pants and how many heads of hair is qualified to expose and handle that woman's internal feeding tube.
  13. RB

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    So who at TSA is lying? It is perfectly clear than some TSA spokesperson is a liar!

    Perhaps we should send email to TSA Spokesman Luis Casanova
    and ask him which statement is the truth. LuisCasanova@dhs.gov
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    Allegedly, resolution pat downs are not video taped. I'm certain the screeners were asked if they touched the feeding tube and they replied "No, of course not!" Investigation over and the passenger was at fault and probably lied also. :mad:
  15. Caradoc

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    This is rhetorical, right?

    TSA employees == liars. The correct answer to the question (assuming it isn't rhetorical) is "All of them. All the time."
  16. RB

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    In this particular example we have positive proof that someone at TSA is a liar.
  17. Caradoc

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    I wasn't aware that any additional proof was required. The simple fact that they put on the blue shirt and go to "work" is predicated on a lie.
  18. RB

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    While no additional proof is needed I think it is interesting that TSA spokesholes and persons making statements for TSA are well above the blue shirt squads and by demonstrating a lack of personal integrity brings into question the whole of TSA management.
  19. Caradoc

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    Ah. True. The sooner the rest of the world realizes that "TSA employee == Liar, (or thief, thug, molester) and not to be trusted," the better.
  20. RB

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    Blogdad Bob says the Deaton's are liars. See PV for the complete TSA denial.

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