TSA strives to keep air service safe

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  1. Mike

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    Bull:poop: fluff piece apparently appearing in multiple papers, the lies continue ...

    Bluefield Daily Telegraph: TSA strives to keep air service safe

    We take a look at things that are disguised to be harmless, everyday objects, and determine if there is a dangerous item in there,” says the TSA’s public relations manager, Kawika Riley, who took time out from a recent “Airport Appreciation Day” in Beckley for an interview.


    “I can tell you it’s against our policy to conduct strip searches. We don’t do that. We respect the privacy and the dignity of the traveling public. I can’t really say what their motivation is for people who put out misinformation about the agency. But I can tell you it’s against our policy to conduct strip searches. You and I know from just being passengers, and going through the checkpoints, it’s a simple process. It gets easier if you prepare for it beforehand.”
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    Comment posted!

    And deleted. Guess someone was offended.
  3. Caradoc

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    Liar. What're the paper drapes for?
  4. saulblum

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    Riley never said they do not ever make a passenger remove an article of clothing. “Strip search” can mean many things. And if the narrow meaning is “fully disrobe, remove all garments,” then sure, he is probably right. He also keeps emphasizing how it’s policy not to conduct strip searches. He must have gone to the Bob Burns school of PR-speak.

    I added my two cents. I suggested the “reporter” go back to journalism school. How he passed is beyond me.
  5. Caradoc

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    I'll go with "If you're telling someone to remove clothing to the point where they need a paper drape to cover their naughty bits, it's a strip search."
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