Arrested TSA Employee TSA supervisor caught stealing pills from luggage in Syracuse [SYR]

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    At least this douche-bag was turned in by another TSA employee who witnessed it! :)

    Hemingway Jeremy.png
    Jeremy Hemingway​

    Syracuse Post-Standard: TSA supervisor caught stealing pills from luggage in Syracuse

    It's the job of Transportation Security Administration workers to catch passengers sneaking illegal items onto planes. But a TSA supervisor was himself caught on videotape last month stealing 12 Tylenol pills from a passenger's luggage in Syracuse, according to a police report. That same day, Supervisory Transportation Security Officer Jeremy Hemingway was either fired or resigned, according to an internal TSA email obtained by The Post-Standard.

    Lisa Farbstein, a TSA spokeswoman in Washington, D.C., would not comment on the specifics of the case.


    On March 27, a TSA employee notified supervisors that Hemingway had pulled a small piece of black luggage aside for searching about 5:40 a.m. at Hancock International Airport, the Syracuse police report said. There had been no security alarm that would've prompted a search, the report said.

    TSA officials showed police a videotape of Hemingway in which he rummages through the luggage and appears to take something from it, according to the report, written by Syracuse police Detective Robert Wiegand.

    Syracuse police officers went to the north baggage area, where Hemingway was working, the report said. At 10 a.m., they escorted him and all his belongings to an airport security office, where they told him he'd been caught on video, the report said.

    Heimingway, 36, of Liverpool, confessed to stealing pills from the luggage, the report said. He said that while he searched the bag, he noticed a bottle of pills and removed some of them, the report said.

    Hemingway told the officers he slipped the pills into his gloved hand then took the glove off, turning it inside-out with the pills inside, the report said. He then put the glove in his pocket.

    When he took his next break, Hemingway threw the glove into an outside trash can near the parking garage, he told the officers. They retrieved the glove from the trash can and found 12 pills inside, Wiegand wrote. The pills were tested and found to be Tylenol, the report said.

    Police did not charge Hemingway with petit larceny or any other crime because the owner of the luggage was unknown, so they had no identified victim, Sgt. Tom Connellan said.

    TSA officials suspended Hemingway's electronic access that day, according to an email from a supervisor. By 1 pm. the same day, he was "separated" from TSA, according to an email. It didn't say whether he resigned or was fired.
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    This appears to be the douche-bag's Twitter account:

    1995 graduate of Fowler High School, Syracuse, New York
  3. I think he's drinking a Bud Light in his twitter picture. He really is a d-bag. And lost his job for 12 Tylenol pills. He probably could have shoplifted comparable pills from Walgreens, gotten caught, and kept his job.
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    Thanks for reminding me that we have his picture. :)
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    Why do they need to know the owner of the bag when they have video and evidence of the crime. He should have been charged and prosecuted even if it was just tylenol. He is a fricking thief, which pretty much fits his job, TSA.
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    Interesting use of the glove to smuggle the pills. This is obviously an acquired skill he's practiced and honed to a fine art.
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  7. I think there was a screener who nabbed some cash who did the same thing with a glove. She made off with it to the bathroom and then who knows what happened to it.
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    Quick way to conceal the loot. Wonder how many hours of TSA training are devoted to stealthy thieving?
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    Exactly, they need to dig deeper on this dirt bag theres probably much worse crimes he's committed and not caught like in this case.
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    Certainly more than are devoted to "security," "customer service," "interpersonal communications," or, y'know, anything that the TSA is supposed to be doing.
  11. TSA News Blog

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    A TSA supervisor was caught on film stealing pills from a piece of luggage in Syracuse, New York.​
    The supervisor, Jeremy Hemingway, was in charge of about 100 other TSA employees. Apparently his salary of $44,931 and $69,617 a year wasn’t enough to deter him from such petty theft (and, of course, we have no idea how many other things he may have stolen before he was caught).​
    No charges, however, have been lodged against Hemingway:​
    Police did not charge Hemingway with petit larceny or any other crime because the owner of the luggage was unknown, so they had no identified victim, Sgt. Tom Connellan said.​
    Yeah, sure, that makes sense.​
    Oh, and get this: he was “either fired or resigned.” No one seems to know which, least of all the TSA.​
    Anyway, as we’ve pointed out so many times, if someone can take something out of your suitcase, they can also put something in. It’s only a matter of time.​
    (Photo: razorray15/Flickr Creative Commons)
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    Would you look at that picture? That guy looks like a total douche canoe.

    There he is folks - the last line of defense in the War on Terror!
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    What other kind of person are you going to get who is willing to sexually molest other people? I run into some TSA types in uniform on BART from time to time. Walking and riding with their tails between their legs. They shrivel under the looks of other passengers.

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