TSA takes 23 months to answer FOIA request

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    From The Daily News (Galveston County): TSA takes 23 months to answer FOIA request

  2. barbell

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    The more important story here is that it is acceptable for rapists and sex offenders to apply for work at TSA:

    And TSA wonders why we don't want their employees rooting around in our drawers. :eek:
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  4. Caradoc

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    All of them.
  5. Mike

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    More frightening are the large numbers of waivers granted:

    and where the riffraff can go once they have their waivers:

    That's over 900 criminals & illegals granted secure access to airports and quite possibly being the ones who grope us & pilfer our luggage.

    Galveston Daily News: TSA takes 23 months to answer FOIA request
  6. barbell

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    That is an astonishingly high number.

    I wonder, though, in the "illegal immigrant" category how many are from countries such as Yemen and Somalia who have unfettered access to clean planes as is the case at MSP? I do believe this airport is considered "high risk" because of this very community, and it also happens to be the only group of people I've seen on Delta's cleaning crew at this particular hub.

    One wonders, beyond the criminals given access to our bodies, how many are aircraft cleaners who were vetted. Then with no screening whatsoever they can go from their car where there may be guns and bombs to an aircraft. I don't mean to impugn the Somali community in Minneapolis, as I'm sure the vast majority of them are fine people. However, if we are going to be nude imaging and sticking our hands in the pants of the vast majority of the traveling population, 99.9999% of whom are (mostly) law-abiding, innocent Americans, because they might have a panty bomb, then why are we giving a complete and total pass to a community from a country known for piracy?

    Would this not be a good place to look for the mindset, and the access to tools, of someone intent to "do us harm", "out of an abundance of caution"?
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    Maybe I should cross-post this in the Ports forum? Dunno. Anyway:

    How did that “high risk” sex offender get a job at a local port? The TSA will never tell…
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    he must eat pizza.
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    Pizza is a threat! Every see one at a checkpoint? Case proved.
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    If this has been posted, please forgive me. Irene has had me busy for a few days, and she's knocked out my electricity and restricted my communications. Nonetheless, I found this article to be of interest:

    I realize I'm supposed to get all sorts of chatty about these new threads, but I don't have a lot to say here. I just think the TSA has a piss-poor record wrt FOIA requests. This is a somewhat under-reported case.

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