TSA thought woman's back brace was a money belt

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Dec 11, 2011.

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    It's the TSA. Reason, logic, common sense, and facts are cause for the "special" groping in the back room.

    I haven't heard a single pro-TSA argument from anyone who didn't have a vested financial interest in maintaining the TSA - mostly from slack-jawed drooling dolts who're well aware that if they weren't willing to put on the blue shirt and grope Grandma/Grandpa, they wouldn't have a job because they're entirely unqualified for anything resembling real work, like operating the deep fryer at the local McDonald's.
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    Found this at the other place, from a screener whose name you will recognize:

    Originally Posted by hilary79 [​IMG]
    So- The thought of being touched in private areas is extremely offensive to me. I've read that if a skirt is too tight to feel your thighs, they will make you remove it. If you go to a private room, remove the skirt, and they can see there is nothing there, will they STILL touch your groin and crotch? If so, what is the justification???

    I wondered when this would come up, If you wear a tight skirt and have been selected for whatever reason to have a standard pat down, you will be asked to change clothes into something that will allow the patdown OR you can go to private screening and don a paper drape and raise the skirt high enough to allow a standard patdown.

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    Whoever this is, can you please tell her "f*ck you" for me? I'm not a member of FT, can't sign up, I always get an error message.
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    You'll note that the screener who wrote that mentioned only a standard "pat down" - nothing about an enhanced or resolution "pat down." Imagine what would happen with an enhanced or resolution "pat down."
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    I refuse to use any of their horseshit qualifiers -- "standard," "enhanced," "resolution," -- or, indeed, "pat-down."

    The mere fact that they're telling people that they have to disrobe . . . unbelievable. Unbelievable what this country has come to.
  8. A tight skirt and you might have to don a paper drape; wear a bikini and your mileage may vary. Remember that Other Place guy whose wife tried to go through in a bikini and forgot her necklace, thereby setting off the metal detector? They made her put her clothes back on so they could grope her.

    (As an aside, "don"? Seriously? Who uses that word?)
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    The military and police!
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    Same here. I also refuse to accept the changing of accepted definitions(strip search) by the TSA and some of it's apologists. Two posters on the other site are actually arguing over the definition of "nude images", in so much as they think it is an "inappropriate" description of the nude-o-scopes.
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    Paper drapes are for medical procedures period, the ONLY context allowable for such touching.

    Otherwise, a paper drape should be used for stuffing down the throat of anyone suggesting it's appropriate at a checkpoint.
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    I'm of the opinion that if the image suffices to tell whether a male victim is circumcised or not, it's a "nude image."
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    Please direct me to this site/story. I'll add it to the Master List. How obnoxious. These people are even more twisted than I imagined.
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    Oh geeze, The Other Forum posters have compared TSA patdowns to going to the doctor's office many times.

    Oh really? You're not a medical professional, trained and oath sworn to ethical standards nor subject to the malpractice process. Also, when I go to the doctor-he or she doesn't root around my crotch when I have an ear infection.

    I have hand TSA pat down my bare arms, when I had taken off my sweater and left wearing a tanktop. What did that accomplish? I haven't figured out what sliding her gloved hands along my bare arms accomplished. (No I don't have flabby arms.)

    I can't post there (nor want to) anymore, I was told by a mod if I posted again I would be banned-which means I am, right?
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    "banned" means you can't log in, which some of us consider a blessing & a badge of honor.
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    I have heard this so many times, from so many MORONS, and yes, I'm calling them morons because that's what they are if they say stupid (expletive deleted) like this and I don't care whose tender sensibilities are offended.
  17. The thing about a paper drape, though -- it doesn't sound like any of the three strip-search ladies were even offered one.
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    I was referring, specifically, to the use of the word "don". Doff and don are commonly used in the military and the police use the terms as well.
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    I was banned. When I got the notice that said they hoped I would come back after such-and-such-a-date, I told the "chew toy" mod to remove my profile because I would never return...and I meant it!!
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    I recall that one. Classic TSA idiocy.

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