TSA to Court: Only Hear Our Version of the “Facts!”

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    Amy Alkon: TSA to Court: Only Hear Our Version of the “Facts!”

    December 17, 2012
    By Amy Alkon

    Jonathan Corbett blogs at TSA Out Of Our Pants. He describes himself:

    I'm a 28 year old entrepreneur and frequent flyer who opposes visual and manual inspection of the private parts of our bodies! I hope you'll join me in my fight to have our rights restored!​

    His court case against the TSA is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court -- but not if they can help it, the power-mad Constitution-flouting slimevats. And the Department of Justice, instead of working for, you know...justice...works to disenfranchise anyone who seeks court review of the TSA and their violations of American's rights, bodies, and dignity. As Corbett writes:

    They've challenged standing (whether or not the TSA affects me enough that I'm entitled to review), they've challenged jurisdiction (which court I can go in and when I can file), and here and there, they've compared me to a terrorist. Nice, right?​

    But last week's filing by the government is the most blatant slap to the face the Fifth Amendment has yet received in those 2+ years: the TSA has asked the Court to decide my lawsuit to end the scans and groping solely by reviewing their "administrative record" -- which of course contains only the "facts" as the government presents them. They've essentially asked the court to bar discovery, experts, witnesses, and any other source of facts, because the TSA knows it all, and will fairly present all the facts to the court.​

    I truly wonder what kind of person writes these government briefs. Who goes to law school to study the incredible history of American jurisprudence, including and especially the Constitution, to end up in a career where they fight to take away the rights of the citizens?​
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    One who thinks that using Google represents actual legal research.

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