TSA to reimburse supervisors for liability insurance

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    In a reversal of policy, all TSA Supervisory Transportation Security Officers (STSOs) are now eligible for reimbursement of up to one half of their cost to obtain professional liability insurance, says the Federal Managers Association.
    As required by law, agencies across the federal government provide this reimbursement to managers. Thanks to this revision in policy, STSOs no longer carry the entire burden of paying for this insurance, which some consider necessary for their line of work.

    Supervisory Transportation Security Officers at TSA are now eligible to receive congressionally-mandated professional liability insurance reimbursement, thanks to a ruling earlier this year by TSA Administrator John Pistole.
    My favorite part:

    Niehaus added: "STSOs are dutiful public servants who are dedicated and passionate about protecting America's traveling public and strive to be model employees of TSA. We thank them for their service and are pleased they are recognized with reimbursement for this crucial insurance. Our members look forward to working vigilantly with Administrator Pistole and all of TSA in the daily mission to protect our great country."

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    Has anyone rolled the numbers on how many of the TSA employees charged with criminal behaviors were "supervisors?" I can think of several right off the top of my head.
  3. RB

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    I don't think liability insurance covers anything if the person violated policy or did some illegal.
  4. Caradoc

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    It doesn't. I was speaking to the comment about "STSOs are dutiful public servants who are dedicated and passionate about protecting America's traveling public..."
  5. RB

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    So this insurance coverage is just a windfall for the companies, eh?
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    About a dozen years ago, I was adjudicating export license requests from major aerospace companies. We all received letters encouraging us to consider buying personal liability insurance to cover the decisions we made on a daily basis that had tens of millions of dollars of impact. The government reimbursed us for 50% of the premium up to a dollar limit. It was only for civil actions that a citizen or company took against us for which the government hung us out to dry.

    The law only allows federal agencies to to this, but does not make it mandatory that any civil servant carry a policy. Two things jump out at me:

    1. Pissy had told his clerks that they can be personally sued in civil court and that there are situations where he will hang you out there.

    2. In a sequestered budget, where in blazes are they getting the money???
  7. Mike

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    When your budget is as bloated as TSA's budget to start with, there's plenty to waste even with sequestration.
  8. I too wondered why the sudden concern for liability. I thought they weren't liable for anything, ever.
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  10. RB

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  11. Frank

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    If I were underwriting, I wouldn't sell these jackoffs LIFE insurance, never mind professional liability.
  12. Fisher1949

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    Since no passenger has ever successfully sued a TSA screener for abusive screening the only other protection would be that when an STSO gets sued by a TSO for work related harassment, which may be more common than we know since these hearing are internal and kept private.

    Consequently we're paying over $2M for liability insurance for STSO's to be insured from complaints brought by the workers they manage. Yet another example of taxpayers picking up the tab for TSA incompetence and corruption.
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  13. DeafBlonde

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    BINGO! We have a winner!!! :D
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  14. Frank

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    Forget the lawsuit, go straight for the ducking stool.
  15. RB

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    I think A.S.S. found to be at fault should be placed in stocks at their airport so both their co-asses and the public can see who they are.

    Dibs on the tomato concession.
  16. Caradoc

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    Brank's Bridle?
  17. Frank

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    You may as well do the full St Andrew's Cross, problem is that I suspect Pissy and a good chunk of the freedom fluffers would enjoy it.
  18. CelticWhisper

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    If I thought there was any shot of a court ordering it (bearing in mind that legitimacy is always important as it's what separates us from TSA), I'd recommend the breaking wheel instead. Charge a nominal fee per stroke for passengers to pick up the sledgehammer and have a go at their favourite clerk. That'd sort their (expletive deleted) out right quick. No chance they'd be able to enjoy it either - I know a lot of kinky folks but nobody so extreme as to relish having their bones crushed.

    How sick is it, too, that this worthless agency with its worthless employees (both on the job and off as long as they're actively employed by TSA) has driven a group of principled, freedom-loving people to seriously consider medieval torture devices in a nation whose constitution proscribes cruel and unusual punishment? I'd be first in line to position a wedge over John Pistole's femur and swing that hammer like my life depended on it, and yet in any and every other context I would condemn such barbarism wholeheartedly. TSA is a cancer - there's not a strong enough synonym for "hate" in the English language to adequately describe the feelings they engender.

    They should be awarded no protections from anything the public wants to dish out, and yet here they are, shielded from recriminations even by those underlings they abuse.

    Fixed that for 'em.
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  19. RB

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    Why the candy coating? Say what you really mean.:D
  20. Frank

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    We've been sucking on the candy coating for 12 years. People are finally waking up to the :trash: inside. This ain't no M&M.

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