TSA to Test Modified Screening Procedures for Passengers 75 and Older

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Lisa Simeone, Mar 14, 2012.

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    It Depends....

    My take on this is that TSA is really, really tired of getting their testiclees frosted by the reports of actual physical strip searches of the elderly, and the gratuitous groping they undergo. They are cut badly from these news events and I think for that reason this is much more than PR. I suspect this announcement is hiding a whole host of protocol adjustments to prevent this from happening to that entire class, no matter what their condition. So, with fits and starts, we should start seeing an end to the granny grope-ups from the ambulatory to the non ambulatory.

    'bout time. What these pr*ks won't do out of human decency, they will do if their butts get put in a vice.
  3. Mike

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    I don't believe it. The timing is too convenient. They're just grabbing for things to distract attention from their multi-billion dollar debacle.
  4. Fisher1949

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    It Depends....

    Right on with that. They are wearing down and trying to implement some damage control.

    They read the papers and feel the incessant barrage of criticism. Their screeners get shunned by neighbors and friends and the agency has deservedly been a frequent target of Congressional outrage. There is no bright spot for them.

    No matter how far Pistole sticks his head up his a**, he still hears the voices of the opposition. While they successfully wore down many travelers, there are enough victims to assure a persistent and growing tide of critics.
  5. TravelnMedic

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    Sounds like ...I dont know ... maybe... a second demonstration making them look like bafoons on the international stage is necessary...evil :D
  6. nachtnebel

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    I don't disagree about that being an intended benefit wrt timing. But, both of these things can be true at the same time. If your best buddy, Rep King of New Yawk, is coming down on you, even Before the Corbett Event, it's clear that you have to do something different. If political pressure can't change what these guys are doing, then there simply cannot be a political solution, which is a scary thought.
  7. jtodd

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    Yeah, he's a numskull. I think he's shoving the money from lobbyists in his ears and then reading their talking points to his constituents.
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    I think it is interesting to note that the reaction to these TSA cover your A$$ by doing a little damage control measures has gone from: "Well thank goodness, their strictest security measures are being lifted for (fill in the blank here with pilots, airline crew, children)! Now, that makes a whole lot of sense!!" to: "WTF??!!??!! I thought grandma and grandpa were the riskiest group of people out there?!? What do you mean they are lifting their strict (bat-(expletive deleted)-crazy, over-the-top, overblown, unnecessarily invasive, etc.) security for that group?? I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you!!!"
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  9. RB

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    I sent an email to Ms. Koshetz with a simple straight forward question. No answer to my question.

  10. Lisa Simeone

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    They're still playing Divide-and-Conquer.

    And they're only kinda sorta maybe might perhaps exempting a portion of the population anyway. You might not get searched, you might not get groped, you might not get bullied, you might not get harassed, you might you might you might. People over 75 and under 12, you might not get abused.

    This will temporarily placate some people out there, the ones who are TSA apologists at heart. They will stick their heads further in the sand. But when the "might"s start breaking down, and old people and children and everyone else continue to get abused, then we'll see what happens.
  11. RB

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    I figure sending a new bunch of letters to my electeds asking why they are discrimminating against me when I travel by air. It is the fault of Congress that this TSA BS continues.
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  12. Lisa Simeone

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    Congress and all the sheeple putting up with it. They are aiding and abetting as far as I'm concerned.
  13. Caradoc

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    Every TSA employee demonstrates their buffoonery every time they put on the blue shirt and tin badge and stick their hands into someone's pants.
  14. CelticWhisper

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    Wonder how they'd react if a lot of the comments on articles about this topic were steering the discussion back to Jon's foiling of the NoS. "What? You mean you're still paying attention to that? No! Look over here, we're being nice to old people! Look at our...look at the kindness we...we're over here, we're- STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO THAT!"
  15. barbell

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    Worth a try, but honestly TSA is very adept at changing the whole topic of conversation.

    Look at the puppy post on wedding dresses, specifically designed to push the post about Jon's video down the page. There's a pattern to these posts. They will go weeks, sometimes months without posting a thing. And then something embarrassing happens and they can't post entries fast enough. It's a farce.

    Look at the comments. Plenty pointing back to the post about Jon's video. It will be ignored.
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    And who decided 75 was the "magic number" when people no longer would be considered a threat? So at 64 I am a possible threat but in 11 years I won't be? Sounds to me like too much bad press made them change the rules, not anything to do with "safety".
  17. RB

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    These numbers are just snatched out of the ether by the collective unconsciousness of TSA.

    This is a perfect example that proves the TSA screening process is not based on intelligent thought but on unintelligent thought.

    Pistole and company are proving that TSA does not contribute to safety in any way, shape, or form.
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  18. DeafBlonde

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    There...fixed it for ya! :D
  19. FaustsAccountant

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    Remember they still have the SSI card to play.
    'Blah-blah-based on research and voodoo magic and other SSI methods, 75 is the number pulled out of the raffle box'
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  20. jtodd

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    I addressed this in an email to the slackers last night.


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