TSA to Test Modified Screening Procedures for Passengers 75 and Older

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Lisa Simeone, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Doing the same this weekend. Hitting everyone on both Senate and House HS Committees and Issa's Oversight Committee.

    The three points I'm going with:
    The airline subsidy we are paying in the form of free security. (probably deaf ears)
    The potentially racist and discriminatory aspects of Pre Check. (might stir a reaction in some quarters)
    The burden that the scanners and MMW with ATR place on those with medical appliances. (another deaf ears scenario, since few if any on the list are affected)

    I expect that most will send the obligatory form letter, circa 2010, some will send something completely off the wall like their position of highway funding and maybe a few will react to the inflammatory rhetoric I'm using on Pre Check.

    I'll report in a month or so when the replies trickle in.
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  3. Mike

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    Great :rolleyes:

    More opportunities for arbitrary & capricious treatment at the hand of Pissy's ill-trained & poorly managed imitation cops.
  4. Lisa Simeone

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  5. FaustsAccountant

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    "TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein.

    "Our research and intelligence indicate that the likelihood is much lower that somebody that age presents a risk," she said."

    Oh my sides hurt so much.

    ""The people that you know the least amount of information about is where you should be focusing your resources and your time," she said. "We think that people 75 and over ... present a lower risk."

    WTF does that mean? And imply?!
  6. Sky Dancer

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    Ahhhh - Only 12 more years before I can wear comfortable shoes while some pedofile has his hand up my (expletive deleted).
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    Just like the shoe-fitting fluoroscopes when you were a kid. :eek::rolleyes:
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  8. exbayern

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    I am really starting to think that this is all some giant joke, and that this is a parody website.

    Nobody can be this stupid to plan something like this (visual estimate of age?!), and nobody can be so stupid as to think that this is a good idea. Then again, hundreds on the interweb DO think that this is another positive move by the TSA, so maybe this isn't some big joke.

    But I can assure you that someone who had never travelled to the US and never experienced US air travel would really think that you are all just making up these crazy stories to pull our collective legs.
  9. Lisa Simeone

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    I know. That's the sad thing. Millions of people are this stupid and millions of others don't want to believe it.
  10. Doober

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    I sat in on a meeting last week with a bunch of old folk like myself. One gentleman seemed to be well into his 70's and I was astounded when he said he was 63! There was also an opposite situation, where another man who looked younger than the first said he was 76.

    I can foresee many heated discussions at checkpoints if the screeners are going to be determining age just by looking at an individual.

    Rhetorical question: How many brainless people does TSA employ to come up with these procedures?
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  11. Fisher1949

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    As usual TSA procedures sound like a carnival scam game. Will they guess your weight too? If they're wrong do you win a stuffed toy?

    Adding another layer to the 20 layers of incompetence and idiocy.
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  12. Lisa Simeone

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    Bigger and better baklava!
  13. RB

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    Sorry but can't help but answering the rhetorical: 60,000 or so at last count.
  14. Mike

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    That only accounts for the "brainless" portion of her question. I would imagine that far fewer have enough marbles to come up with these stupid ideas.
  15. Lisa Simeone

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    Chris Elliott on the new regs: Will TSA's New Senior Exemption Make Air Travel Safer?
  16. Lisa Simeone

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  17. Mike

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    In the long run, relying on pizza-box specials to profile older Americans will only work to our advantage by providing even more bad press.

    Let's get on with it! :D
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  19. FaustsAccountant

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    The stuffed toy taken surrendered by the 3 year old two lanes over?

    I'm still curious on this "research and intelligence" that determined the magic number of 75....and what exactly they mean by 'knowing the most about this (age) group.'
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  20. RB

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    I have evidence as good as what the TSA is using that the same standards could be met with an age of 70.5.
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