TSA Took My Toddler’s Juice

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. FriendlySkies

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    And being professional takes very little effort.. Why can't the clerks seem to manage this? :rolleyes:
  2. Caradoc

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    Because they're not hired to be "professional." They're hired for their propensity to be thugs.
  3. CelticWhisper

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    49 USC S40103(a)(2): "A citizen of the United States has a public right of transit through the navigable airspace."

    I'm sure this will be followed up by some (expletive deleted) excuse of "but that doesn't mean commercial airliner" but that amounts to nothing more than grasping at straws and desperately looking for a way to justify the continued existence of an unjustifiable organization.

    People have a right to fly and TSA doesn't have a right to stop them. Saving lives is less important than protecting rights.
  4. LeeAnne

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    Ron, I will post this to you one time: do not directly address me. Do not quote my posts, do not use my name. I do not communicate with inhuman monsters. I don't give a crap if you think this is name calling or ad hominem or whatever - it's beyond that with me. You are evil personified. But of course we all know what pleasure it gives you to hear me, and the rest of us, tell you that. Which just proves the point.
  5. Doober

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    Ron, you are aware that this was an article posted on the internet and did NOT happen to the OP, aren't you?

    Talk about assuming much and stupidity. ;)
  6. Mike

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    also the U.S. Supreme Court in Kent V. Dulles

    It's been well established for > 50 years.
  7. FYI Ron,
    If you're looking to save some breath, you don't need to respond to my posts. I have no interest in what you have to say. I have civil to pleasant interactions with the other TSA folks who post here, so I'll get my insider info from them.
  8. RB

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    I realize that this is very hard for you but again the Constitution does not grant rights to people but limits federal government.
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  9. Mike

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    More specifically it preserves those rights which we already had under English common law (though that might easily be called granting rights to the people) and grants specific limited powers to the federal government.
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  10. AngryMiller

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    Huh? So in effect TSOs make up the rules on the spot so neither is right? Bizarre. Sure glad TSA doesn't run a nuclear power plant as it would be going into melt down on a daily basis.

    Consequences of my actions, eh? I comply with the inanity/insanity at the checkpoint and when TSOs (your cow-orkers) exceed their authority they get called to task for that. Just wanted to point out that nothing exists that tells any traveler what is expected from them at any TSA infested checkpoint as to passenger responsibilities or rights. Seems that it is your cow-orkers fault that they can't perform the simple job of keeping WEI off of aircraft without harassing the passengers.
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  11. TravelnMedic

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    No if TSA ran nuke power plants there would be 100+ mile swaths of major cities that would be exclusion zones from radiation levels being off the scale high
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  12. AngryMiller

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    911, please state the nature of your emergency.

    Am at the Greasy Spoon Truck Stop and there's a bunch of guys with machine guns tearing apart an 18 wheeler. The driver is face down on the ground and isn't moving since one of the guys with a machine gun kicked him in the head. They don't look like any police I've ever seen.

    We're sending a SWAT team out to investigate. Has there been any shooting?

    Only a couple fast bursts.


    Hilarity to ensue when real police confront their first VIPR team.
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