TSA Union Approves Contract That TSA Promised Would Never, Ever Happen

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    This is a general post regarding the newly adopted TSA union contract. For specific dicussion of their uniform allowance, go here: TSA uniform perks more expensive than Marine Corps

    Jaunted: TSA Union Approves Contract That TSA Promised Would Never, Ever Happen

    We've been following TSA unionization for you since it became a thing in the summer of 2010, when we and everyone else expressed trepidation at the possibility that these guys would now be allowed to collectively bargain over pay and performance. To deal with concerns like ours, TSA officials did what they often and aggravatingly do whenever they make a boneheaded mistake or want to implement a moronic policy: they kind of sort of lied.

    A few hours ago airport security screeners approved a contract that according to the Washington Post "among other things overhauls their pay for performance system to emphasize actual on the job performance over certification tests." Keep those elements in mind: pay, performance, and testing. We're going to ask you for some patience, because this news is kind of infuriating and we want to make sure that you see just how much.

    ... [lots of details snipped]

    This is roughly as blatant a bait-and-switch as can be pulled. When unionization was being debated, TSA described it one way. After it happened, the agency implemented it in a totally different way.

    When it mattered, TSA insisted that you'd have to be an idiot not to see that bargaining over pay and performance would be explicitly prohibited—it said so right there! Now that it's too late to roll things back, the new contract completely changes how pay is linked to performance and testing.

    It's almost difficult to understand why no one trusts the agency, huh?
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    Gather: The TSA Unionizes for the First Time

    Before the administration proceeds with unionizing all employees, perhaps they should get their own house in order first.
    The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee found disturbing and frankly, astonishing, examples of waste and inefficiency, and declared that the administration:

    "was intended to be a lean security agency with the flexibility to quickly respond and adapt to potential threats of terrorism. Instead TSA has mushroomed into a massive, inflexible, backward-looking bureaucracy of more than 65,000. Over its first ten years of existence, the agency and its numerous failures have cost taxpayers $57 billion."

    The damning report also found that the Administration "has become too focused on maintaining and growing its own bureaucracy". Wouldn't unionizing fit into this charge?

    Last month, the Administration finally started to remove the controversial, intrusive body scanners from airports, after they were found to be a "waste of money." The controversy raged, as American citizens felt violated by this technology.

    Except that they're not really removing those scanners. They're relocating them to smaller airports where apparently people don't ruminate so much on petty things such as tumors.
  3. That's a faulty statement overall. I never saw anything about the TSA finding the scanners to be a waste of money. They've never admitted there's anything wrong with the backscatters, and they're replacing them in those airports with still intrusive and waste of money MMW's. I don't care if there's no nudie picture of me on the screen, the fact that a computer can still decide that my boobs or panties need to get rubbed by some woman who is likely to have criminal tendencies is still pretty damn intrusive.
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    They are temporarily removing BKSX, to be replaced w/next gen BKSX. MMW doesn't work. They're probably liking that folks think BKSX is going away so the radiation issue is considered a thing of the past.

    On the contract, it's so huge that this agency continues to lie and mislead Congress. It would be nice if the anti-Admin zealots in Congress would focus their bile on this agency.
  5. Really? Do you have a link? I'm interested, I'd missed the development of BKSX 2.0.

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