TSA (& US Airways) retards allow suspicious package onto plane [PHL, BOS]

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Mike

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    Destination Boston, no less, on the day after the marathon bombings ...

    North End Patch: Suspicious Package Holds Plane at Logan (Apr 16 2013)

    The suspicious package on the plane was re-screened and cleared by security officials, according to the TSA (Transportation Security Administration).

    In a press statement, the TSA said that the checked bag was re-screened at Logan after baggage handlers in Philadelphia "noted concern." The plane landed safely at Logan and passengers were bused to the gate.

    "While properly screened by TSA at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), the bag was re-screened by local EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal team) at BOS as a precaution and has been cleared," the statement said.

    Excuse me, you utter morons, but is it not your job to screen packages BEFORE they are loaded onto an aircraft and BEFORE that aircraft taxis out full of fuel and passengers and BEFORE that aircraft flies to another city?

    What the (expletive deleted) good does it do to screen the package after the plan lands?

    Dear God, please send this legion of GED's and high school dropouts down the road to WalMart and place aviation security in the hand of people with at least some minimal intelligence & competence.

    U.S. Airways must be hiring TSA rejects for baggage handlers. :eek:
  2. Mike

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    When I first read the article (too quickly perhaps), I figured that they were just a little bit slow and caught up with the plane to rescan the package before it took off, but no, THIS PLANE ACTUALLY FLEW PHL-BOS & THEN THEY TOOK THE PACKAGE OUT & RESCREENED IT.

    Sorry about the caps, but aviation security is nothing but a friggin' useless circus.
  3. Rugape

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    Based upon my reading, TSA screened it in PHL (presumably per SOP), cleared it for flight and sent it on. Baggage handlers then had concerns about it, and let it go. The question is when were the concerns noted, who was it reported to, and if the baggage handlers had concerns, why was the bag not held and TSA/EOD not notifed on scene - where they had the concerns at? This sounds like a break down in communication between the baggage handlers and their home airport or possibly a break down in response by TSA to a concern by baggage handlers (I know which one I would vote for, since the baggage handlers placed the item on the bird, but then again I am biased a bit).

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