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    Comments made by radio station WBAP (Dallas Texas) sports reporter Steve Lamb about his experience with TSA while traveling with TCU football team on a charter from Colorado Springs this past weekend.
    TCU charters an airplane like many sports groups and board from areas away from the main terminals.
    As reported TSA showed up and it took over two hours for TSA to screen the TCU team and others traveling with the team. This was a closed manifest, no surprises on who was boarding.
    Of particular concern was the treatment of the TCU team Doctor, originally from Pakistan but in the states since the 1960's.
    Steve’s account of how the doctor was treated is very questionable on what TSA is doing and does point to profiling. Steve told how TSA screeners took over twenty five minutes with this person going through everything he had plus giving the third degree.
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  2. Lisa Simeone

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    Power and control. Power and control. Power and control. It can't be repeated often enough.
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    Now TSA has gone too far. Mess with a Texan's football and you're likely to have trouble. WBAP is a very popular radio station. The message is getting out.
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    Weren't chartered flights supposed to be a means of keeping the TSA thugs out of your drawers?
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    More 9/11 anniversary BS.
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    considering the people and money behind hornfrog football, you can guarentee there will be (expletive deleted) to pay for this, and WBAPs comments will be the least of it.
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    Only with 9 or fewer passengers, I think.
  9. rockon

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    Texas already squared off against the TSA.

    Texas tucked its tail between its legs and blinked.
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    The bill was killed by a guy who is running for prez. The texans still hate the tsa. This episode will remind them. Pressure will build until the tsa stops molesting.
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    WBAP will stir the pot.
  12. RB

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    Not so sure about that in this case. This was not a sports news report but just the comments made by Steve Lamb who traveled with the team. He brought up the situation a bit later with Mark Davis (mini-Limbaugh type) and Davis poo paahed the whole thing. Davis is out of touch on the TSA angle.
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    Well Mark Davis doesn't rank high on my list of radio politicos, and I'm not surprised at all he did that. Maybe the Russ Martin show needs to make a visit to his show with hijinks in tow.

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