TSA wants your drink redux

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Sep 4, 2012.

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    "...bizarre... and pointless..."
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    America, laughingstock of the world ...

    UK Daily Mail: Now TSA agents are testing drinks purchased INSIDE the airport

    Travelers' angst is being taken up a notch now that TSA agents are adding yet another seemingly arbitrary security check at airports. The federal agency is now deploying its staff to test beverages purchased by travelers after they were screened at the security checkpoint ... 'I asked them if they wanted to swab us all. She responded with something like, yes sometimes we need to do that. I then asked if she wanted a urine sample. 'The TSA is way out of control. I understand that my ranting to one of these $11.00 per hour TSA goons probably does nothing, but you have to say something. Whats next...perhaps the TSA will come to your home prior to your drive to the airport? The police state of the U.S. is OUT OF CONTROL!'
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    They're probably rolling on the floors down under, too ...

    Herald Sun: Travellers' drinks swab tested for explosives at US airport terminals

    Security personnel at a US airport are testing drinks bought by travellers' for explosives - inside the airport after they have passed security. A video shot at Columbus Ohio Airport shows Transportation Security Administration staff asking to test passengers' drinks for explosive residue with a swab they hold over the liquid.
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    Aside from an occasional scofflaw or Freidenker swinging from a construction crane, I'll bet even Iran's airport security is saner:

    Press TV: Video shows TSA's bizarre new security policy

    A video clip shot Sunday at Columbus Ohio Airport illustrates how the Transportation Security Administration has dreamed up a bizarre new way to waste time and taxpayer dollars - by testing drinks purchased by travelers for explosives inside the airport long after they have already passed security The footage shows TSA agents walking around a departure lounge asking to test passengers' drinks for explosive residue with a swab they hold over the liquid "Now remember that this is inside the terminal, well beyond the security check and purchased inside the terminal ... just people waiting to get on the plane," writes the You Tube user who uploaded the video As we have previously highlighted, the drinks policy was recently introduced with virtually no explanation from the TSA whatsoever. The much vaunted 2006 liquid bomb plot on which this nonsense is all based completely collapsed in court and was revealed tobe farcical at best.
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    Defines TSA to a T!
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    They are making an absolute joke out security and makes asses of Americans.
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    Notice how the sheeple just hand over their drinks without a word. Mine would be tossed in the garbage before I'd allow these nitwits to come near it with anything. Notice towards the end of the video the one TSA has no gloves on and is rubbing her nose....... Supposedly all the vendors at the airport are screened.... so why not test all the products sold within the secure area BEFORE passengers get a chance to purchase them. Why, because once again this has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with compliance. Oh and where do they get the cans of soda or bottles of water they serve on the planes? Nobody is checking those once you're onboard. Or will that be the next "layer of security".
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    I would love to have TSA try this one on me and to see how far it would escalate.
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    Don't throw down the gauntlet and ask how dumb can you be, they will take it as a personal challenge. The next step will have taxpayer's dollars buying these smurfs plane tickets (on already full flights) to they can walk up and down the aisle as the beverage cart passes to that very thing-test the inflight drinks.
  12. TSA News Blog

    TSA News Blog News Feed

    Several people have sent me a link to what they think is a new TSA story. In fact, it’s an old story, but it bears repeating (as so many do).
    The report in question concerns the fact that the TSA is harassing people over their drinks — at the gate, long past the checkpoint, long past the so-called sterile area. I wrote about this TSA policy back in July.
    There’s really nothing to add, except to repeat that the policy is inane and exists, in my opinion, for one reason and one reason only: to enforce compliance. To compel obedience. To condition to the public to acquiesce to every new “security” procedure that comes down the pike, no matter how abusive, no matter how boneheaded.
    As you can see from this video of smiling, compliant passengers dutifully lining up, that effort is succeeding.
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    I would have liked to have been in the meeting at TSA HQ when this procedure was discussed to hear someone describe the verifiable threat to civil aviation security that is eliminated by sniffing people's liquids purchased after the checkpoint.
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    Most people believe that the TSA is doing everything they can to make their flight terrorist-free. Yes, it is authoritarian and it is being done to teach compliance without question.

    For the rest of us, they really have us backed into a corner with few options. Most of us here on TUG are quite willing to make a stand and miss a flight for the cause of freedom. But, I will admit that I have never thought about taking that stand once inside the secure area. There had been the occasional gate grope and I have been in their faces about changing gloves. In this case, by virtue of volume, the TSA has escalated the battle to inside the secure area. We have to change our tactics as well if we are going to stay on the offensive.

    That is, if we still fly anymore...
  15. FliesWay2Much

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    OK -- I'll bring it up: In the screen shot right at the beginning of the video, is the clerk on the right in the background male or female???
  16. Sunny Goth

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    I've never been good at compliance without question.

    I stopped flying once the gropes and x-rays began. I still believe that if more people stop flying and complain to the airlines and their congress people about the TSA, that many of the TSA's procedures would be dialed back.

    If the drinks testing farce happened to me though, what I'd probably do is look (and sound) genuinely concerned, tell them where I got the drink, and ask if they've tested the drinks there. I don't want to be poisoned, after all! I'd probably go on and on, and depending on my mood, I might feign a small freak out. Maybe I'd even call the police over and ask about the safety of the drinks. Of course everyone around me would hear what I'm saying, and it might be a tad disruptive - all in a genuine way, of course.

    The key is to be genuine and not sarcastic, angry, or demeaning. Play along, milk it for all it's worth. That type of defiance has always worked well for me.

  17. I think getting on your phone to call OSHA would add some fun to the show as well, if they can't show you the MSDS sheets for their magic strips and mystery liquid. They've got a handy national number: 1-800-321-OSHA. I doubt OSHA would do anything, but you could reverse detain the clerks if you refused to hand over your drink until you talk to OSHA.

    You could also look into calling the local health department if they're handling multiple people's drinks without changing gloves.
  18. Mike

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    Wired / Threatlevel: TSA Moves On From Your Underwear to Your Starbucks

    Not content with fondling your privates and banning liquids from entering the concourse, the Transportation Security Administration is apparently now also screening liquids bought by passengers *after* they’ve already gone through regular security screening ...
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    The title should read: The TSA moves from your underwear to your Starbucks...without changing their gloves...
    Just sayin' :)
  20. Sunny Goth

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    So gross -- and probably so true in some cases. :(
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