TSA wants your drink redux

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Sep 4, 2012.

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    At about the 0:55 mark of the YouTube clip, the thug in blue holding the Magic Test Strip™ in her hand wipes that same hand against her nose for a few seconds.

    I wonder if these same passengers gleefully handing over their drinks would be so sanguine if their waiter or waitress did the same upon placing their food on the table.

    Food poisoning and contamination kill around 3,000 Americans -- yes, one 9/11™'s worth -- per year.
  2. RB

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  3. Frank

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    Or without a food handler's permit.
  4. Mike

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    Any way to put up a frame-by-frame view of the snot-wiper on TSA News? If someone can snag just the right outtakes, Lisa or Bill might be interested.
  5. jtodd

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    How about this Mike?

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  6. Caradoc

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    I think that suffices.
  7. barbell

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    Is it just me, or do those 2 look like just about the biggest losers ever to roam the earth?
  8. Caradoc

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    Well, two of the sixty-some-odd-thousand biggest losers ever to roam the Earth.
  9. nachtnebel

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    those two just won putz of the week...
  10. RB

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    I think the answer is clear, look at their uniform.
  11. I think it looks like they know what they're doing is fake. It's the same kind of motion when my two year old "makes tea", pouring nothing out of her teapot and into a cup, and then we pretend to drink it. They know full well nothing will come of their magical strips.
  12. saulblum

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    Of course it's all a charade.

    If it were not, then a positive result from, say, a water bottle would necessarily lead to an immediate grounding of the entire country's aircraft: after all, the terrorists must have infiltrated the Dasani plants and this explosive water could be at any number of the country's airports. And if we're talking about any major airport, the passenger could have handed some of his drink off to a passenger heading to any number of domestic and international destinations.

    And, your two-year-old pretending to make tea is serving a far more valuable purpose than these monkeys-in-blue waving their magic wands over our coffee.
  13. Mike

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    More bleats from the sheep ...

    My Northwest: TSA tactic in practice since 2007 shocks frequent flier

    Still, Luke is upset "billions of dollars" spent on TSA gets priced into our plane tickets, and for what? His primary example of the TSA run amok was a trip to Midland, Mich. There were seven people flying and eleven TSA agents. "They have too many people, there's not enough to do, and they're not catching anybody, because none of us are terrorists."

    For Dave Ross, the "security theater" of TSA seems to be enough to keep the terrorists from trying and that's good enough for him. "Two times a year, I'm willing to sit in bizarro-land and let the people in blue tell me what to do." If he doesn't want to fly, he won't, but at least he knows someone is looking out for their safety.
  14. Mike

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    Above the Law: The TSA Needs to Inspect Your Airport Coffee — Yes, The Cup You Bought AFTER Going Through Security

    At this point, stuff like this doesn’t even make me mad. I’m just impressed. In a few years, I swear Ashton Kutcher will come out and that he’s been secretly working with the Transportation Security Administration on a new airport-themed reboot of Punk’d.
    They dump grandpa’s ashes all over the floor. They accuse some guy of carrying a weapon, when it’s just his massive package. And now they apparently believe the massively overpriced, burnt Starbucks coffee you bought after getting ambiguously naked x-ray photos taken of you is SOMEHOW worth screening too.

    [Stops to breathe]

    OK. Let’s take a look. And, yes, OF COURSE we have video….

    What. The. $%&#.


    This totally misses the point. The problem is that it’s another piece of evidence showing that as soon as you walk into an airport, underpaid wannabe police officers with chips on their shoulders can demand whatever the (expletive deleted) they want and you have to comply or risk a trip to the ball-cupping room.


    The ball cupping room? Two Minutes of Terrorist Triumph: Alone With the TSA
  15. Mike

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    Another bleat from a suppliant sheep ...

    Jaunted: This is What a TSA Beyond-the-Checkpoint Soft Drink Inspection Looks Like

    It's not that we think testing someone's Diet Coke measurably increases airport security. It probably doesn't. We just can't see how it'll hurt anything. And given TSA's history on new rules, as long as something is merely useless rather than actively counterproductive we're willing to dismiss it with a "meh." ... They know they're going through the motions. We know they're going through the motions. Meh.

    As long as sheep like you mehly acquiesce, the stupidity and abuse will continue.
  16. saulblum

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    You know, there should be no "September 11 Security Fee" rolled into the ticket price. The fees should be assessed with an à la carte approach. Extra ETD swab of your bag? That'll be $1.50. Drink testing at gate? $2. Asked to say your name? $1.25. AIT false alarm frisk? $4. All fees payable on demand. No credit cards accepted.

    Maybe the public would then wake up to how the TSA and its ilk are driving this country down the drain.
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  17. DeafBlonde

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    I agree! As in, "You asked for it; you got it...<*ba-da-bump* sound>...TOYOTA!
    ETA: If only the bleating-heart sheeple could order up their own "feel-safe security theatre show" custom made to give them that warm-fuzzy safe feeling...and leave the rest of us alone, that would be awesome!
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  18. saulblum

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    Or better yet: Opting out of AIT will cost you $5 and going through AIT will only cost you $1. But if AIT false alarms and you need a frisk anyway, then it'll be an extra $10.

    Maybe then the fine citizens of this nation will come to realize how they have been duped by Chertoff et al.
  19. saulblum

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    "Surely it is worth the $2 for the peace of mind that your bottled water is not contaminated with liquid explosives. Right?"

    "Surely it is worth the $1.25 to prove that you really are you. Right?"
  20. Mike

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    And another $50 to confirm that you were actually carrying $4,000 in cash (now $3,950).

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