TSA worker: “But Hawaii is a foreign country!”

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    Luckily (or unluckily) for us, the TSA is just a security puppet show, not real security. We took care of actual security by reinforcing cockpit doors and by coming to understand that passengers will no longer silently submit to would-be attackers.​
    Meaningful security is the sort done by trained intelligence officers, using probable cause to root out plots ahead of time — not by waiting until people get to the airport, massed together in crowded lines, and having unskilled workers feel up their genitals.​
    Well, reinforcing what most of us who have looked into the dead eyes of a TSA worker already know, there’s this posting from FlyerTalk by “RedWingsFan” :​
    Hawaii is not a state according to the TSA agent

    I just went through the TSA expedited line at O’Hare. I handed my boarding pass and driver’s license to the TSA agent — she’s like we don’t accept foreign driver’s licenses. I informed the agent that Hawaii is a state. She’s was adamant that it was a foreign country. Calls her supervisor over and proceeds to ask him if Hawaii was a state or not. He’s like yes! And rolls his eyes!​

    Where do the Feds find these employees?!​

    Where indeed.​

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