TSA's bumpy ride: A new turn in the tussle between security and privacy

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  1. Mike

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    Bull :trash: piece at the Chicago Tribune. What they don't understand is that MMW machines have the same vulnerability (blind spots on your sides) and such a high rate of false alarms that they have flunked honest evaluations and been rejected elsewhere (e.g. Hamburg).

    Chicago Tribune: TSA's bumpy ride: A new turn in the tussle between security and privacyf

    Intelligent travelers accept that they must sacrifice privacy for security. Many of them routinely, and sincerely, thank TSA agents for keeping them safe.​

    Even in post-9/11 America, however, there are limits to what some people will tolerate. TSA bumped up against one of those limits. We trust that the new scanners will keep air travel every bit as secure as TSA has kept it for more than 11 years.​

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    "...let me do the math here -- nothing into nothing, carry the nothing -- still nothing."
  3. RB

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    The Chicago Tribune must like eating TSA:poop: since they have a suction attachment to TSA (expletive deleted).
  4. nachtnebel

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    Chicago values safety above all else. That's why it's so safe there and has such a low level of violent crime.
    Chicago. What a great place! Dominated by crooks and mobsters. Aren't the last three consecutive governors of that state in the slammer for corruption?

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