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  1. Sunny Goth

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    I saw this on the Huffington Post today. It's got it all - don't touch my junk, get your freak on, etc.. 3o incidents documented.

    more at link
    TSA: 10 Years Old & None The Wiser (Photos, Infographic)

    From the article section:

    The TSA is a "cumbersome organization", Kate Hanni, Executive Director of FlyersRights.org (a non-profit organization with 50,000 members dedicated to bettering the conversation between travelers, the airlines and the Government), and blogger for The Huffington Post, said in a phone conversation, "There are some 67,000 employees at the TSA. It's security theater," she added.

    Christopher Elliot, a consumer advocate and blogger, echoed Hanni's statements to The Huffington Post: "The TSA is costly and bloated ... one hand doesn't know what the other is doing."
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  2. Fisher1949

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    Great critiques.

    Unfortunately Kate has other distractions and hasn't been focused on this issue. Her claim to fame has been the tarmac rule, and she has done a good job on that important issue. Of course, that one is easier for lawmakers to deal with since it doesn't involve a government agency. She has to overcome airline lobbying efforts but that pales by comparison to taking on TSA.

    Chris has been a great advocate but lacks the legislative influence that Kate has acquired.

    Freedom to Travel is still getting it's legs and made some local inroads but it is a long process. The efforts on the tarmac rule date back to the NW flight that was stranded in a snowstorm overnight around eight years ago.
  3. Lisa Simeone

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    HuffPo should look at our Master Lists. 30 documented incidents ain't nothing.

    I would leave a comment there but there are already hundreds.
  4. Sunny Goth

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    Yeah, agreed. I think we all do what we can do.

    I think the list on this site is better, but more is always better. :)

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