TSA's Strip Searches of 3 Elderly Women Should Be Last Straw

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by CelticWhisper, Dec 6, 2011.

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    My comment (awaiting moderation):
    Sommer's quick on the click, that's for sure - her comment posted while I was typing mine. Sommer, if you're reading this, high-five.

    EDIT: Damn, damn, damn. That should have read "the very young and the very old are either too naive..." Should've proofread that one better. I think the point still stands though.
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    I left a comment. It's hung up in moderation.
  3. Doober

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    CBS 2 News tonight aired a brief comment from a former TSA official at EWR who seemed to indicate that there was something rotten in Denmark regarding these searches.

    OTOH, they also aired a comment from John Gage who is head of the union representing TSA. He said things are getting better at checkpoints for passengers and - get this - that the TSA had video of the screenings that proved they were done correctly. Methinks that Gage doesn't have a clue.

    The segment also screened sections of the TSA website stating that people don't have to remove or lift clothing in order to clear medical equipment.

    Again, OTOH, someone (I forget who) seemed to blame the victim with the second woman who allegedly told the screeners only that she had a "bag", she did not tell them it was an ostomy bag. Give me a break!

    The segment is not yet up for viewing.

    The blog, while it now has 72 comments, is very quiet. Methinks BB and his cohorts in lies are trying to figure out how to get themselves out of the deep hole they have dug.
  4. Mike

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    They're only halfway down. If they don't keep digging, they'll never get out.
  5. RB

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    The TSA Blog Ops are certainly throttling comments for some attempt on controlling the backlash. Of course when the TSA Blog article is generally a lie the only way forward would be to retract the article and come clean.

    That is well above the integrity or honesty of anyone connected with the TSA Blog.
  6. Frank

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  7. N965VJ

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    Didn't he promise to change things that a TSA union would have no collective bargaining power over? At least the TSA employees, the ones who he helps lighten their wallets every month, get to see him flap his gums and say how great they all are.

    How much would YOU pay for this?

    $100 a month?

    $75 a month?

    We'll pat you on the back for just an amazing $29.95* a month!


    (*Or whatever the dues are)
  8. LeeAnne

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    They're not posting comments. One of mine got posted yesterday:

    Today, hours ago in fact, I posted a scathing response to this bozo:

    But my comment has not appeared. "Proud TSO's" comment is the last one. Something tells me that he/she got slayed, and they're just not letting them on. :rolleyes:

    I almost spit out my coffee when I read "Proud TSO". What kind of sicko could be proud of that job?:td:
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  9. Fisher1949

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    Probably the same official from the CBS piece. Since its JFK, LE there would be Port Authority Police, who for the most part hate the TSA interlopers. This could get interesting

    Excerpt below.

    Law enforcement officials confirmed to ABC News that the women were strip searched by TSA agents.

    A senior law enforcement official who has worked at New York's JFK airport for years told ABC News that the incidents expose the security agency to mockery.

    "Any law enforcement professional with any time experience would tell you that if you can't tell the difference between an 80-year-old with a health issue and someone who might need further screening, then this kind of behavior makes us the laughing stock of law enforcement worldwide," said the senior official. "These [passengers] were only guilty of buying a ticket."

    The official also noted that if the person were in fact a threat, removing them to an area such as a "private room," would not mitigate the threat if it were a bomb.

    "If this is what it has come to, the whole system needs to be redone," said the official, who has been involved in numerous significant airport arrests and emergencies.

  10. CelticWhisper

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    One of the things I try to do is always post a copy of comments I make on other blogs in the relevant discussion here at TUG. That way, if it gets "lost" or censored, I've got a backup I can use to either repost it or post it elsewhere. Plus, it helps get it out there so others can use it too. I noticed that an early comment I made at another air-travel forum to the tune of "No amount of safety, no measure of security, NO NUMBER OF LIVES SAVED can justify or excuse..." had gotten picked up and re-posted by other people in comments on later news articles. I was flattered and honored that they thought my comment was good enough to spread around. Granted, different folks have different views on copyright and comment ownership but if you're like me, you'll want your words of wisdom spread far and wide. Namely, too far and too wide for TSA AGITPROP to "clean up."
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  11. Mike

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    Good luck with that, Granny. Most of them can't read. Those who can read, don't.

    When you finally get back to the checkpoint with your freshly written note, they'll tell you it doesn't matter -- any geriatric terrorist could have one written.
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  12. Mike

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    You WILL be going away, you wretched, godforsaken wench. It's only a matter of time.
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  13. Mike

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    How do you demonstrate medical devices to people who are barely qualified to flip burgers & greet WalMart customers?

    I'm really bothered by the way they required one to remove her back brace -- somebody is going to end up crippled or dead if these morons aren't brought under control.
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  14. N965VJ

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    And it's only Tuesday. Pistole and his PR team are probably hoping Randy Babbitt stays in the spotlight.
  15. Mike

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  16. nachtnebel

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    Thanks for posting this. This is so cool that legit LEOs back this up and are upset about it. There needs to be widespread shame over the treatment of these fine well spoken ladies. Uncivilized behavior like this has absolutely no excuse.
  17. LeeAnne

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    As someone who had TSOs demand that I remove my post-surgical back brace, refused, and was treated to a horrifically punitive assault in response, I can tell you...it's gonna happen.
  18. RB

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    Well we know that TSA scrapes the mold off the bottom of the barrel for its employee pool, so this is the kind of person giving us the feel up at the airports.
  19. Lisa Simeone

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    This is going on all over the blabbosphere. Again, predictable. The abuse was predictable, and the sheeple's disgusting responses were predictable.

    Read some of the moronic comments at Chris Elliott's Huffington Post column from the other day. These people are sick.

    And recall the comments about Shoshana Hebshi, who was yanked off a plane in handcuffs and (expletive deleted) strip-searched -- I'll never forget them -- "she shouldn't have been flying on 9/11 -- she knew it was a dangerous anniversary -- she knows what she looks like, that she might've been perceived as a threat" -- etc. Unbelievable. Unbelievable.

    No, entirely too believable.

    I don't have words for what I think such people deserve.
  20. Lisa Simeone

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    An acquaintance of mine also had this happen. Her own words in her own written account:
    I know her real name but she didn't want me to reveal it.

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