TSOs get mass shooting event training

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    guys Guys GUYS!!
    They would yell "FREEZE!" really loudly and expect the shooter to comply.

    But I can also see them 'hiding' in the glass penalty box too.:D
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    That would just make them a larger target in a already TRE.

    im pretty sure my ruger mkIII could slice through that box like a wet paperbag.
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    TRE=...Target Rich Environment?
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    Human (?) shield.
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    Thats a big 10-4
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    I'm pretty sure that if any of them try to implement their "training" it'll just be a Charlie Foxtrot.
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    Why am I not surprise that our "friends" in the Iranian press have picked up this story? :rolleyes:

    Photo shows an armed National Guardsman ...

    Press TV: Homeland Security training TSA workers to save themselves in shooting

    Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint screeners are receiving training to prepare them for the possibility of a mass shooting at one of the agency’s airport checkpoints, and those TSA personnel are being instructed to “save themselves” should a shooting occur.

    It is unclear whether the TSA is conducting the reported mass shooting scenario training at airports around the nation or only at the airport where our source, a veteran of the TSA, is assigned. The TSA source claims with obvious concern that his own life, along with the lives of other unarmed TSA personnel, would be in grave danger were an airport checkpoint shooting to unfold.

    The TSA screener, who claims to have recently undergone agency training during which TSA personnel were confronted with a chilling checkpoint shooting scenario, now tries to remain aware of how to get out alive were such a shooting to unfold.

    “Every day when I arrive for work, I look for an escape route in case someone opens fire”, said the TSA worker. “We have been told to save ourselves”.

    Does the TSA already have intelligence about a possible future checkpoint shooting?

    It is unclear whether the alleged training is simply a prudent attempt by the agency to protect its own employees from every imaginable contingency. Fears are that the Department of Homeland Security has detected a threat and is already moving to prepare staff to either handle it or get out of the way. The Washington Times


    A recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report shows the severity of TSA’s faults on the American public. More travelers are choosing to drive or take a train to their destination, in part toavoid the security mess that the TSA is in charge of. RT

    The agency has suffered continuous criticism, with passengers accusing employees of stealing their belongings, groping them inappropriately during security screenings, and detaining them without valid reason. RT

    Some of the abuses of the TSA chronicled include manhandling children, the elderly, severely ill and disabled passengers; testing drinks that travelers purchased inside airports and ordering travelers to freeze on command. examiner.com

    Angry passengers undergoing screenings at Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington DC are never given forms they can turn in documenting their complaints. They are simply provided with small pieces of paper containing the TSA website and mailing address. The Washington Times

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    Beck Akers @ LRC Blog: Do Not Fly: the Feds May Be Planning a Massacre at Checkpoint Lines (January 26, 2013)

    Posted by Becky Akers on January 26, 2013 07:23 AM

    I'm not certain whether The Washington Times considers itself mainstream media, and, if it does, whether anyone else agrees. But it contains a lengthy warning that the Fedcoats may be plotting a "mass shooting" at one of the TSA's checkpoints, a la Newtown or the movie-theater in Colorado. Why would Our Rulers murder more of us? Because another massacre "would likely lead to even more calls for gun control measures, as well as discussions of arming TSA workers..."​

    The writer bases his story on a report from a "TSA source" who says he and his fellow gropers "are being instructed to 'save themselves' instead of attempting to protect passengers." Good: those inept bozos scrambling to escape rather than pestering passengers gives the latter the best chance of surviving. "It is unclear whether the TSA is conducting this training at airports around the nation or only at the airport where the source, a veteran of the agency, is assigned. Expressing fear bordering on extreme distress, the TSA source claims that his life, along with the lives of other unarmed TSA personnel, would be in grave danger were an airport checkpoint shooting to unfold." Yeah, what a pity to take out Thieves and Sexual Assailants when perfectly good passengers are milling about.​

    Of course, this is the scenario that many genuine experts in security -- as opposed to the charlatans at the TSA -- have predicted for years: that bad guys will attack the hundreds of people whom the TSA delays in long, vulnerable lines. And it is yet another proof that the agency actually endangers, rather than protects, passengers; politician of even minimal decency and concern for their constituents would abolish the TSA rather than annually stealing our money to finance its depredations on us.​

    At any rate, if gate-rape and games of sexual humiliation and dominance at the government's checkpoints are not enough to keep you from flying, perhaps the suspicion that the serial killers in office hope to slaughter yet more innocents will.​
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    In times past shooters would go for the officers (display of rank was deadly). I wonder if the terrorist know the rank structure of TSA? Of course they all have shiny target badges if nothing else.:oops:
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  13. Mike

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    Some background, and why I suspect this training is probably happening. There were multiple source for this stuff a few months ago:

    Fox News: Border Patrol union blasts Homeland Security instructions to 'run away' and 'hide' from gunmen (June 29 2012)

    Border Patrol agents in Arizona are blasting their bosses for telling them, along with all other Department of Homeland Security employees, to run and hide if they encounter an "active shooter."
    It's one thing to tell civilian employees to cower under a desk if a gunman starts spraying fire in a confined area, say members of Tucson Local 2544/National Border Patrol Council, but to give armed law enforcement professionals the same advice is downright insulting. The instructions from DHS come in the form of pamphlets and a mandatory computer tutorial.

    “We are now taught in an ‘Active Shooter’ course that if we encounter a shooter in a public place we are to ‘run away’ and ‘hide’" union leader Brandon Judd wrote on the website of 3,300-member union local. “If we are cornered by such a shooter we are to (only as a last resort) become ‘aggressive’ and ‘throw things’ at him or her. We are then advised to ‘call law enforcement’ and wait for their arrival (presumably, while more innocent victims are slaughtered)."

    The FEMA-administered computer course, entitled “IS-907- Active Shooter: What You Can Do,” is a 45-minute tutorial that provides guidance to all employees on how to recognize indicators of possible workplace violence and what to do should their office be invaded by gunmen and focuses around three main options; either evacuate, hide out, or in dire circumstances, take action.

    Once the course is completed, employees are urged to download additional materials including a summary booklet and pocket-sized card outlining protocol, which was also handed out to employees two months ago.
    One DHS employee told FoxNews.com the instruction cards were handed out to employees six weeks ago. At the time, he assumed they were only for civilian employees, not armed law enforcement officers within the department, which oversees the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

    "Requiring BP agents to follow the same steps is egregious,” he said.

    DHS officials maintain that the Active Shooter course was designed for all employees—civilian and law-enforcement officers-- and no one should rush into a situation where they, or others around them, could get hurt.
    “The Department of Homeland Security takes very seriously its responsibility to protect all of its employees from threats that may surface in the workplace,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Michael Friel said in a written statement to FoxNews.com

    “CBP workforce training is designed to prepare all employees, including leaders, managers, supervisors, law enforcement personnel and non-law enforcement personnel, to understand their own roles and the roles of their fellow employees in responding to threats. In an active shooter scenario, employees are taught to take actions that keep them alive.”

    But members of Local 2544 say they are obligated to protect the public in such a situation, whether they are on duty or not. Given the instructions, some wonder if they would be disciplined for taking down a gunman in a situation like the Fort Hood shooting or the January, 2011 case in Casa Adobes, in which a deranged gunmen shot 19 people, including Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Six people were killed.

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    This quote tells us all we need to know about the DHS (Department of Hysteria and Senselessness):
    “The Department of Homeland Security takes very seriously its responsibility to protect all of its employees from threats that may surface in the workplace,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Michael Friel said in a written statement to FoxNews.com"
    Their "responsibility to protect all of its employees" is the ONLY thing this bastard agency takes seriously. "To (expletive deleted) with protecting the Homeland! Run, hide, and save yourselves!!" :mad:
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    Perhaps that is how CBP justifies firing heavy weapons across a border, into a foreign country and killing children.
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    And if this is what they do when there is 'something',
    the shelflife of this agency's purpose has officially expired.
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  17. Absolutely.
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    Let's see, the last (only?) time a TSA employee came close to being shot was when a PHL airport LEO negligently discharged a firearm found in the possession of a flight attendant into the wall of a TSA break room. So the only real threat seems to be from airline employees packin' heat and moron airport cops.

    Duck and cover! :eek::p

    Hopefully, the Lead and Supervisor TSA employees will have learned how to operate their fancy Motorola HTs so they can call it in to real law enforcement. :rolleyes:

    At least my buddy TSORon presumably knows how to use one, being a "federally licensed amateur radio operator". :cupcake:
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    You're claiming Ron?
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    There was a post on this at Taking Sense Away.

    It notes that most screeners are unhappy misanthropes and are hated by the public but that is the state of affairs these days.

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