Tulsa World articles on TSA (first, queue up Stars & Stripes Forever)

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    Tulsa World: 9-11: Ten Years Later:
    What a hero!

    Our hero again!

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    (To the tune of the Stars and Stripes Forever)
    Be kind to your web-footed friends.
    'cause a duck might be somebody's mother!
    Be kind to your friends in the swamp,
    fort the weather is wet and damp.

    Now you might think that this is the end
    (cause it is)

    Please keep the veggies in the produce stand, thanks!
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    "If I'm going to be flying, I want to be sure that the people I'm with are there for the same reason I am. The complaints I hear (about passenger screening) are a bunch of nothing. Whatever we can do to make us safer is just fine."

    - Brian Smith, Panama, Okla., pastor, Panama First Assembly of God

    "It doesn't bother me at all. It inconveniences me a little bit, but if it saves lives, it's worth it."

    - Jan Partain, Orlando, Fla

    "They (Transportation Security Administration‚Äč officers) seemed to be pretty thorough, polite and friendly, and yet they are making sure they are enforcing the rules. They do the best they can, trying to make us all safe. I have no problems with it. Whatever it takes to make us safe and secure, so be it."

    - Michael Scalf, Houston

    "It doesn't bother me. I don't think security is overdone by any means. I don't fly that much, but my husband travels a lot, so I'm glad they have security."

    - Diana Howard, South Coffeyville, Kan.

    "Of course it's necessary, and it doesn't bother me a bit. I used to live in Israel. It's nothing compared to Israel. It's real security there: real guards, real machines, real serious."

    - Michael O'Loughlin, Granite Bay, Calif.

    "I'm fine with whatever they need to do."

    - Helen Sanders, Rogers, Ark.

    "I think security is necessary, and I appreciate it. I travel quite often. I'm more disgusted with the airlines - customer service, delays, lost baggage. Airport security is important. It's part of life and part of traveling these days."

    - Tony Cox, Pittsburg, Kan.

    "For me, it's a good idea for safety reasons. They (TSA officers) told us about the things people try to sneak in."

    - William Ballard, Tulsa


    The lack of critical thinking skills from some people can be quite alarming at times. :eek:
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    That post right there is exactly what we're up against, and is a pure example of the very uphill battle we have.
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    Then there are the words that were sung at band camp a hundred years ago! :D

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