Two Minutes of Terrorist Triumph: Alone With the TSA By ELIE MYSTAL

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Lisa Simeone, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Lisa Simeone

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    Two Minutes of Terrorist Triumph: Alone With the TSA

    Lawyer, after having dismissed accounts by other people of being abused by the TSA, finally gets it. He is hauled off to a private room and groped.
    I left a comment. Ya know, I'm getting really tired of having to be polite to so many willfully ignorant people.
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  3. Lisa Simeone

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  4. barbell

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    Oh, I know.

    I reposted for the benefit of people like Elie Mystal who may have stumbled upon our site and missed the numerous similar instances elsewhere.
  5. barbell

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    And here's the money quote from the blog:

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  6. Fisher1949

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    One of the better accounts of a private room groping.
  7. Lisa Simeone

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    I am, of course, glad he wrote it. Glad he didn't mince words. Glad he was so honest. All yes.

    But it's really disheartening to read -- yet again -- of a person who derided and dismissed accounts he'd clearly heard of other people who've been abused. As I keep saying, the sad, nasty fact of so much of human nature is that "it's all okay as long as it's happening to someone else." I have no sympathy for this lack of ethics.
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  8. Cartoon Peril

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    I felt that that poster was admitting he'd had that attitude and finding it was wrong. What he describes was horrid. Of course I'm sure it was "not consistent with TSA policy."
  9. Cartoon Peril

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    Why, why would anyone agree to go off to a private room with two strangers!?
  10. Fisher1949

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    Victory will come one grope at a time.

    A few weeks ago Chris Elliot noted in an article that for many novice travelers, the summer season was the first time they had experienced the new TSA. He speculated that it likely accounted for the 40% increase in TSA complaints since last June. The next wave of newbies getting the blue glove treatment will be in November again, when a new group takes to the skies.

    It seems that too many people are willing to let their fellow citizens, and sometimes even their own family, suffer these indignities and still contend that it was no big deal and that they are over reacting. Until it's their turn of course.
  11. Cartoon Peril

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    This has come to bus and train depots, and I believe also sporting events. TSA has been testing stand-off junkatrons in Pasco Washington. The day may come when, as threatened in the Thing from Another World, this infects the entire nation.
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  12. Lisa Simeone

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    I know. I've asked this so many times I've grown weary. But especially a lawyer -- hello???
  13. Lisa Simeone

    Lisa Simeone Original Member

    Don't get me started.

    I've got a powerful reserve of schadenfreude, let me tell you.
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  14. Cartoon Peril

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    I'm known a few lawyers, most of the wiser ones don't want cops etc to know they are lawyers, the wrong cop can really make your life difficult.
  15. Mike

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    Disgusting. :td:

    One of our resident TSOs will be be along shortly to explain that this never happened.
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  16. Affection

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    I do this all the time, it's just they're usually much cuter than the average airport security screener.

  17. myadvice

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    Probably because in most cases they are just doing what the uniformed agent that looks like a cop tells them and have no clue that they could be groped in public.
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  18. nachtnebel

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    Stories like this help me focus on my double-tap practice...
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  19. FriendlySkies

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    Bingo. I would bet you my entire collection of anti-TSA paraphernalia that none of them ever have to deal with this bs.
  20. barbell

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    Which is probably why you need a really, really good suit to challenge this stuff.

    I have a Matlock fantasy that someone will someday be successful in hauling an A.S.S. into court for the specific purpose of entering the "pat down" into the record by having it performed on the judge. Right then and there this nonsense will stop.
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