UK Daily Mail: TSA's Greatest Hits

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    Just a sidebar in their wheelchair-toddler grope article, but hopefully this will be kept updated & repeated in their future articles on TSA ...

    UK Daily Mail: TSA's Greatest Hits

    • The TSA issued apologies to two grandmothers in their late 80s who said they were strip searched at New York's JFK Airport in January.
    • In October, a TSA inspector found a vibrator in lawyer and feminist blogger Jill Filipovic's luggage, and left her a note on the inspection slip that said: 'Get your freak on girl'.
    • Last year, Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs was flying to Denver with two large bags of marijuana in his bag. But instead of confiscating it, the agent who inspected the bag instead left a note saying, 'C'mon son'.
    • Florida man Joe Maltese was stunned when he said an airport security worker helped themselves to a slice of chocolate cake that he had in his luggage.
    • In 2010, breast cancer survivor Cathy Bossi was humiliated after the TSA ordered her to show agents her prosthetic breast to screeners at Charlotte Douglas Airport.
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    It's so sad that no one can answer my question: Who is protecting us from who again?
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    Nobody, that's the real truth of the matter. It's incumbent on us to protect ourselves from threats - foreign, domestic, and especially uniformed.

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