Arrested TSA Employee Unconfirmed: Miami TSM arrested for battery [MIA]

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    garcia pedro luis 11.jpg garcia pedro luis 22.jpg
    (thumbnails, see bottom of post for the full-size versions)​

    What's unconfirmed is that Pedro Luis Garcia, 50, is a Transportation Security Manager at MIA. It's definitely a fact that Pedro Luis Garcia was arrested for battery on Nov. 23.

    I've looked at this off & on for the last 24 hours & can find nothing on-line to confirm that this particular Pedro Garcia is a TSA at MIA. I know of at least two men named Pedro Garcia at the MIA. one is a bellhop; the other is responsible for emergency communications as per the MIA Hurricane Manual.

    The heads up came from here, purportedly from Rolando Negrin, who might either have been the real Roland Negrin (arrested after he retaliated by ambushing some for teasing him about his small weanie as viewed in a MIA Nude-O-Scope) or (as so often happens on the internet) merely an imposter. I can confirm that the the post did originate from a MIA IP address.

    According to Jailbase:

    Booked by Miami-Dade County Corrections​
    on Nov. 23, 2012​
    for Battery​
    Gender: M​
    Race: W​
    Age: 50 (on date of arrest)​
    Height: 6'0"​
    Weight: 238 Lbs​
    Eyes: BRO​
    Hair: BRO​
    Facility: PTDC​
    garcia pedro luis 11.jpg garcia pedro luis 22.jpg

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