United Passengers Revolt After Stranded for 3 Days in China

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    ABC News: United Passengers Revolt After Stranded for 3 Days in China

    A United Airlines flight from Shanghai, China, to New Jersey should have taken just 13 hours, but it took some folks three days to make that trip, after a firestorm of protests, threats, even violence.

    United Flight 87 was scheduled to leave Shanghai Wednesday and bring 225 passengers to Newark Airport in New Jersey. The flight didn't land until Saturday morning after three days of cancellations, causing tense moments between passengers and United Airlines.


    The flight was canceled twice because of maintenance on the Boeing 777, and a third delay came because the flight crew had been on duty too long. Passengers say they couldn't get to their luggage, some of which was unceremoniously dumped off carousels, leading to fist fights.

    "They [airport officials] grabbed him by the tie, and they pulled him physically across the counter and started slapping him," said passenger Pat Sinko, describing what happened to another passenger.


    "That is the only way we're going to get out of here. ... My crew, the other crew, we want to go as much as you do," the pilot said. "I can tell you the alternative is, if we don't have cooperation boarding here, these planes may leave empty."

    Eventually, Borowka and the other passengers were ushered to the other gate and began boarding their new plane, and were dealt a final humiliating blow: The flight crew had been on duty too long. The passengers were bumped off the plane again.
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    They were truly Shanghaied.

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