Unprecedented July Cold in Artic

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by RB, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. RB

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    Wonder how the global warming types will spin this?

    Having work in the far north I think there is to much damn ice. Certainly more than what's needed for a nice martini.


  2. Doober

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    OTOH, Alaska saw temps in the 90's earlier this year.
  3. RB

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    According to National Weather Service records dating to 1904, the record high temperature for Alaska was 100 degrees in Fort Yukon on June 27, 1915
  4. Rugape

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    I would love to have a decent winter here, we haven't had more than a couple of inches of snow since 2000 - it was colder this past winter, but it was also drier, so less precip.

    In many cases it has been changed from global warming to climate change. I am not arrogant enough to say that we have not had an impact on the planet, and I am also all for developing sustainable/renewable energy sources and for preserving the wilds and ecosystems - but when you get so much conflicting data (especially across such a broad spectrum of science fields) on what changes are occurring on the planet, it stands to reason that we are not seeing the big picture as clearly as we would like. To focus on forcing so many programs through that limit what we are capable of based on blaming the hot weather on global warming, then to turn around and try the same thing for cold weather is not the most intelligent path.
  5. RB

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    I have little doubt that man has had an impact on the planet. Pollution of the oceans, lakes, and rivers. Pollution of the air. Pollution of the soil. We have created chemicals that are said to damage the ozone. Taking all of that into consideration we also know that the earth has gone through periods of cooling and warming in the past when man had no impact on the planet.

    Who is to say that the weather we are seeing now is not just a normal variation from the norm?
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  6. KrazyKat

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  7. RB

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    Yeppers, I am not on the Gore bus.
  8. Mike

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    Greenland was misnamed because of temporary global warming ... a few centuries ago. The Viking settlements died out when when the weather returned to "normal".
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  9. RB

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    I remember the first time I saw Greenland. Enroute to Iceland and just off the southern part of the island. The glaciers flowing to the sea were impressive as was the ice cap further inland. Years later had the pleasure:rolleyes: of spending some time in Thule.

    Flew with a pilot that swore if we were going to have to ditch in the far north that he would do a split s into the water. He figured quick was a better way to go. No rescue resources nearby so not much chance of getting picked up in time. Back then all we had for survival gear was an old style poopie suit, probably good for 15 minutes. Longer if you could get aboard a raft without getting wet. We even discussed trying a landing on a berg if things went sore. For perspective we went north out of Iceland.
  10. Rugape

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    It is kind of brutal if the cold weather killed off some Vikings, they were known to be a fairly hearty collective and their homelands were fairly well steeped in the cold weather aspect too. Sort of a mind twister if you have paid attention to the history of them!
  11. I can report that this has been the warmest summer anybody can remember in Anchorage. It's been in the 80's for most of June and July. Really we don't know what to do with such nice weather. Wearing sun screen is a kind of culture shock. Now into August it's finally turned chilly and overcast, like usually we have all summer.
  12. RB

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  13. Rugape

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    We have really had a pretty comfortable summer here, normally we have been over 100 a few times by this point, but I don't recall actually hitting 100 at all this year - and that is an indicator of a pretty mild summer. We have also had higher than average rainfall here, that has helped to keep the temps down some, and the ground moist. As a result, kudzu is growing at a slower (I know, counterintuitive right?) than usual rate as well, which is a blessing in and of itself - that rotten little weed is the kin of the devil. It has been pleasant in the evenings especially if a little wind is stirring the pot. I am a bit worried about winter this year, with such a mild summer so far, we may be in for a pretty brutal winter (comparitively speaking, you folks in the northern reaches would laugh at us because the first flake of snow that sticks - we roll up the sidewalks, put chains on the police cars and fire trucks and then buy every scrap of bread, milk and batteries you can find).
  14. RB

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    Our summer has been a bit different. Some rain in July helped with the watering bill. Temps had been high 90's which is about right, maybe a bit low. August is shaping up to be both dry and hot. 104 predicted for today.
  15. RB

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    You are absolutely right, I misread the date.

    Will you flog me now or later? May be a line, I've ruffled some other feathers today.
  16. Eh, we all do it in this chaotic internet age. I occasionally forget what year it even is and how old I am. Seriously.
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  17. RB

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    Well, if it is 2012 then I was right all along.;)

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