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    Jews are taught to question, and I have found that asking the right questions often leads to taking action. I have made a decision not to allow fear to lead my life, and I am committed to questioning any behavior that seems to have its basis in post-9/11 fear mongering. And that is how I came to find myself earlier this year in a face-off with a TSA agent at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). In that moment, I became achingly aware of just how critical — and difficult — it can be not only to ask the right questions, but also to do so even when asking those questions causes inconvenience. Still, simply doing what one is told, for me, is more transgressive and more destructive than inconvenience.

    In my case, we had to make a decision: insist on ethics and dignity and miss our flight; or accept the pat-down, board our flight, and reclaim our dignity on another day. I opted to fly and found myself standing before a line of 12 to 15 men and one female terminal manager. A female TSA agent began to explain the procedure. I asked her if she would be touching my genitals, and she confirmed that she would be touching my “labia.” I was told to raise my arms, and standing in front of multiple men, my long blouse (which I had worn over black footless tights) was pulled up, exposing my entire bare midriff as well as the bottom portion of my bra. I forced myself to look into the faces of all the men who stood there, bearing witness to my humiliation. I continued to look, as the TSA agent pulled my tights away from my body and ran her fingers around my bare waistline.
    Entire article is excellent.
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    Very good article.
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    That's a very powerful article. It should be sent to every single congress person.
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    I've already sent it to my so called representatives.
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    Eloquent piece about the damage tsa continues to inflict. The screeners in lax are admitting they touch genitalia purposely. Didn't Rugape deny this? Guess you just can't trust anyone these days.
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    Being honest and truthful would violate TSA SOP.
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    A great article! Is anyone keeping a file of these superlative articles? We had one a couple of weeks ago but as usual I can't find it.
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    I've always thought Rugape's quote in his signature - "Fear profits a man nothing" should include this disclaimer:

    *(unless you're Michael Chertoff, or have security-industrial stock in your portfolio)

    This kind of thing still goes on, even years later.

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    Great article. I added it to the list of abuses.

    Of course Feinstein fails to see that this is a problem.
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    ...or you work for the TSA, since "fear" is the only reason they're employed by anyone for anything, being entirely useless for real work.
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    The several abuses detailed in this article added to my Master List as well. I also left a comment.
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    I found Monica Osborne's (author) blog and email address and invited her to visit our website and join in our discussion of her article.
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    I also invited her in the comment I left.
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    Received an email today from Monica Osborne the author of this article. She said she would come and check out our discussions here at TUG.
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    We need a "rock on" emoticon, like this guy.
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    So cute. :)

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