US aims to stay step ahead of terrorists: TSA boss

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    Failure is success. George Orwell would be so proud. :td:

    AFP (Agency France-Presse) : US aims to stay step ahead of terrorists: TSA boss

    In other words, we can't train our people to do a job consistently & correctily & in accordance with stated published policy, but since no terrorists have successfully attacked us since 9/11/01, our slovenly ways must be working. This is a classic post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.

    Possibly because the military has "taken care of" the schools. And for those to did manage to get some "education", we were fortunate that they were intercepted by more competent agencies before we had to rely on TSA. How many known terrorists have passed through TSA checkpoints? And how many have been intercepted at TSA checkpoints?

    Indeed, we are so much safer since Hispanics were harassed in the Des Moines bus station, that 16-year-old girl on her way to school in San Diego was deported to Mexico (good riddance!), and arriving passengers in Savannah who just wanted to leave the train station saw their 4th amendment rights seriously violated. Your "patrols" are so successful that Amtrak's police chief has made it clear that your thugs & goons are no longer welcomed in their facilities.

    Surely another 600,000 stupid people will answer your ads on pizza boxes and gas pumps and attend to our salavation. Good luck, Reichskommissar John Pistole!

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