Utah lawmaker revives TSA pat-down ban

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Sep 22, 2011.

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    Maybe Utah will have some balls and press the issue and not back down unlike Rick Perry and David Dewhurst. Who (my pardon my French to the ladies) who proved they have no stones and are pussies and won't stand up to the Feds when there citizens are getting raped and molested without cause nor warrant. I say let the Feds threaten shutting down airspace they will quickly find out there cutting off there noses to spite there face.
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    Apparently not. My error.

    It popped on a Google alert and though I usually check the date but missed it here.

    I wonder if Rep Simpson will make another run at it in Texas. With Perry in the GOP race that would flush him out one way or the other on the issue.
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    News from Wendy Thompson tonight.
    We received a message from Representative Ken Ivory:

    Our resolution HCR 3 passed the house and now on to the senate carried by Sen. Mark Madsen.
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    Sure, urge TSA to do something, I'm sure that will have a lot of impact.
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    Seriously. It's time to stop urging and start compelling. We need laws with teeth, that prescribe extremely harsh punishments for TSA misconduct. Mandatory prison sentences measured in years, minimum fined in the quintuple digits. While I'm opposed to it on principle (being from the if-they're-that-dangerous-then-keep-them-in-jail camp), perhaps registration as a sex offender for any smurf-clerk who performs any physical-contact screening on anyone under 18 (or just flat-out anyone, but baby steps will do).

    "Urging" does exactly two things: Jack and (expletive deleted). USA TSA TSOs can ignore "urges." Laws are quite a bit harder to disregard.
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    So far these resolutions have fallen on deaf ears. Nonetheless, they keep the issue in the news and set some precedent to ramp up to full fledged legislation. It is a way of testing legislature opinion without forcing them to enact a law.
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