Vacaville Reporter: Screening is out of hand

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    Vacaville Reporter: Screening is out of hand

    Bravo to Sue Neander for her commentary ("Invasive TSA: Screening procedures border on abuse," July 7). My wife and I used to be avid travelers but since I had a knee replaced and she a hip, we are routinely treated like hardened criminals by TSA and have eliminated air travel almost completely.

    Sacramento is the worst for heavy-handedness. Recently, while being frisked and wanded while my arms were extended palms down, the TSA trooper barked "palms up!" as if, David Copperfield-like, I could conceal some dangerous implement unless my palms were clearly visible.

    This has gotten way out of hand. Our airport security has become a bizarre fascist joke.

    Henry Szczesniak
  2. The "palms up" thing has always baffled me. Can most people do this and just stand there? I have shoulder and neck issues, and standing there like that is torture. I do advanced yoga and I'm reasonably fit, and yet holding this position (not to mention the surrender pose for the scanner) would leave me struggling to put on my backpack afterwards.

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