Video Videos: Top Ten TSA Airport Groping Scandals

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    Riverfront Times: Videos: Top Ten TSA Airport Groping Scandals

    Last week, footage of Transportation Security Administration officials at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport trying to pat down a three-year-old girl in a wheelchair went viral -- and brought national attention to TSA in St. Louis. Nathan Forck, the father trying to get his family to Disney World, told Daily RFT that he just wanted to expose the TSA and their violations.

    He's been pretty successful with that goal; TSA has since apologized and said that some protocols were not properly followed in St. Louis.

    In honor of the national media Lambert TSA is receiving, we decided to collect the top TSA groping scandals and airport security fights in recent years. How does the Missouri scandal compare to others across the country? Check out the videos below.

    10. TSA Allegedly Grabs a Woman's Breasts, Prompts Video Freakout
    9. 85-Year-Old Grandma Strip-Searched
    8. Don't Touch My Junk
    7. Dana Loesch and TSA Tyranny
    6. Bra and Panties Approach
    5. The Fully Nude Protest
    4. Six-Year-Old Groped?
    3. Cancer Victim Forced to Remove Prosthetic Breast
    2. Three-Year-Old In Wheelchair on Way to Disney
    1. Woman Gropes TSA Agent?

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