Village Idiot says no furloughs

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    The Village Idiot says no furloughs ...

    Salon: TSA official says no employee furloughs expected

    TSA Deputy Administrator John Halinski told a congressional panel Thursday that he does not expect furloughs for his agency, which staffs airport security across the nation. And, he said, longer wait times at check points have not yet materialized as a result of so-called sequestration, as Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano warned last month.
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    I am not a federal employee but have close contact to some. The word as I have it is that furloughs, time off, and other cost cutting efforts have been pushed off to next fiscal year except for some employee groups that are not considered critcal, such as personnel, administration and such. They are cutting out overtime. The group I am close to has a certain responsiblity that requires a 24/7 routine and cannot be shut down.

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