VIPR operations deports 3 teens on their way to school

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  1. Mike

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    This is a month old now but yet another example of abusive TSA behavior in local transit systems:

    NBC San Diego: Teen on Way to School is Deported

    A 16-year-old girl riding the San Diego trolley to school and two other children found themselves handcuffed & deported to Tiajuana.

    According to this source, the three teens (w/o benefit of parental or legal counsel) were handcuffed & deported to Tijuana:

    Mother Jones: Surprise! TSA Is Searching Your Car, Subway, Ferry, Bus, AND Plane

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    I really like the Old Town area and Presidio Park. It's a shame to see the area infested with VIPR teams. :( And this isn't the first time the TSA has been involved in deporting kids on their way to school. Why can't those agencies tasked with immigration issues do their work without "help" from the TSA?

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