VIPRs strike!

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  1. JoeBas

    JoeBas Original Member

    Hey All,

    This past weekend, my family and I went on a "cheap date" Saturday Night trip to Galveston, TX to ride the Galveston-Port Bolivar ferry. This ferry is a free service provided by TxDot, and can be a fun and scenic trip.

    It was a good evening for it, and we enjoyed the ride across to the Bolivar...


    The return trip, however, not quite as pleasant... as we were infested at the Port Bolivar landing... by a VIPR team.


    Along with the TSA guy (Who, by the way, had a STICKER for a badge on his shirt... high class, there), there were 4 armed DHS police members on the overlook deck, with more roaming the vehicle deck, looking into the backs of trucks, under cars, etc.

    The only bright side? Pretty much every comment I overheard was "What a waste of money", at best, to "What a joke", at worst... all, of course, out of earshot of the "man".

    When we got back to the Galveston landing... the rest of the deadly VIPRs was in full force, conducting vehicle inspections (note the car in the background, hood up).


    I feel SO much safer... ... ...
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  2. VH-RMD

    VH-RMD Original Member

    good to see the body shape consistency...
  3. JoeBas

    JoeBas Original Member

    How in shape do you need to be to harass ordinary people and try to find illegals?...
  4. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    That tub of lard in the middle of the 3rd photo could be myself in a cheap blue shirt. :D

    Thanks for the photos & "trip report", JoeBas. :)
  5. DeafBlonde

    DeafBlonde Original Member

    Cars in line to go on the Bolivar ferry are searched on a regular basis, randomly of course. (Been there...watched it happening.) I can't really tell if this is approaching or exiting the ferry terminal. Most folks hope to get chosen for the vehicle search because after the search (and you know they won't find any B*O*M*B*s) you get to move to the front of the que. ^ But everyone using the ferry knows that this is just a biiiggg load of :trash:. No t'wrists in their right minds would target such a small-potatoes ferry. Now the ones in Vancover, BC on the other hand....;)
  6. FriendlySkies

    FriendlySkies Member

    In terms of the size of the rather round clerks, I really have to wonder how they would stop an evil doer. I highly doubt they could keep up with a fit terry wrist..
  7. VH-RMD

    VH-RMD Original Member

    sit on them??
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  8. N965VJ

    N965VJ Original Member

    Yet another example for the "If you don't like the TSA, don't fly." condescending attitude from the declining population of TSA supporters.

    Cheap metal corrodes in the salt air. :D

    Under the hood? The most modern vehicle I've seen that had more room there for things other than what it was designed for was an '85 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe. :confused:
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  9. JoeBas

    JoeBas Original Member

    I have too, obviously this wasn't my first dance with this trip... ;) First time I've seen such a widespread organized operation though, with folks ON the ferries looking at cars with permission or without.

    That WOULD be the TSA way, wouldn't it, searching cars AFTER they've crossed the ferry? :rolleyes:

    I was kinda surprised, there WAS no queue, at sunset on a Saturday night! 2 lanes self-contained in the loading area, no line on the road.
  10. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    This nonsense would end if people as a group would decline to provide ID, answer questions or permit searches. Lacking consent, they can only look in the windows w/o a warrant.
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  11. JoeBas

    JoeBas Original Member

    That's mainly what they were doing on board, looking in truck beds, under cars with flashlights, through windows, etc, in a closed environment where there was no refusal or escape.

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