Video Virgin Atlantic Shocking Body Scanner Advert

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by barbell, Jul 4, 2012.

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    I'm not sure if this is authentic, or not, but here is a video I found on the YouTubes that someone posted claiming it was a television ad for Virgin Atlantic. It looks too slick to have been some spoof produced by someone with an agenda, and does have the "feel" of a VA ad. However, I can't imagine an airline spending so much money and time promoting these things.

    It is disturbing to me that the bulk of the content seeks to make scanners "fun", "sexy", "cool", and "safe."

    If these things are so awesome, why do people need to be brainwashed into using them?

  2. barbell

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    Oh, my....

    A little extra searching reveals that the video posted above was a heavily edited version of an actual VA commercial.

    Indeed, VA is glamourizing body scanners as part of their marketing.

    The actual commercial:

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    Oh yeah, flying is so "sexy" these days. Standing in unbearably long lines, taking off your shoes and walking on filthy airport floors, having a pervert view your naked body or run dirty rubber gloves over your body and sometimes through your hair. Being yelled at and lied to by rude uneducated employees and having your stuff stolen. Just screams sexy doesn't it?
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    I think it's a great commercial because of the implicit acknowledgment of the damage done by scanners. If scanners were not hurting their business, VA would not have spent money in the ad to try to make them look cool and sexy.

    As Barbell and others have noted though, good luck with that.
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    Don't know why but the videos don't show up in my IE so I watch them in a Firefox browser.

    In the first video it closes with "Shh, go back to sleep."

    That is a strong message in my mind.

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