Volga river sinking

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    100 bodies trapped in sunken Russian ship

    By Moscow correspondent Norman Hermant and wires
    Updated 49 minutes ago

    Survivors wrap themselves with blankets. (Reuters: Roman Kruchinin)
    Media reports in Russia say rescue divers have found more than 100 bodies in the hull of a cruise ship that sank on the Volga River on Sunday.
    The river cruise ship went down in about 20 metres of water and emergency crews worked through the night searching for survivors.
    About 80 people were rescued and at least nine people have already been confirmed dead.
    Many survivors were picked up by a passing boat after spending more than hour in the water.
    Survivors say the ship listed to its side and sank in just minutes on a wide section of the Volga River about 800 kilometres east of Moscow.
    Russia's emergency ministry says the double-decker Bulgaria, which was more than 55 years old, may have been overloaded.
    It was carrying more than 190 tourists and crew, at least 50 more people than it was built for.
    Officials also said many of those feared dead are children.
    Survivors said some 30 children had gathered in a room near the stern of the ship to play just minutes before it sank.
    "According to the divers, the chances of finding anyone alive are minimal," emergency situations ministry spokeswoman Irina Andrianova said.
    Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has ordered an inquiry into the sinking and a criminal case has been opened.
    - ABC/Reuters

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