Voodoo BDOs Slow Security Line to a Crawl, 4-Hour Delays

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Lisa Simeone, Sep 16, 2011.

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    How so?
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    I take the nearly 50 alleged diversions of aircraft on 9/11 as a growing need to rat out others.
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  3. barbell

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    In my earlier analysis I didn't mention AA because they don't traditionally release monthly traffic reports. However, this little nugget in the Star-Telegram certainly caught my eye this evening:

    That's actually not an unusual practice. I don't know how many FAs AA would traditionally allow leave during this period, but the number seems normal, if a tad high, and the months make sense.

    But then there's this:

    They had an attrition rate nearly 200% higher than average?!?!?! That's actually not so shocking. What is so shocking is that it doesn't appear that they are in any hurry to fill those now vacant slots. AA is shrinking through attrition. They wouldn't be if people were flying.
  4. barbell

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    And here is a general report on international premium traffic from IATA. It's boring. Don't read the whole thing. They've put a pretty little graph at the bottom of the fourth page. Traffic in US sectors to elsewhere is below the average. Traffic within US is off YOY. It's late so I can't do a fair analysis, but the quick and dirty is that people in the US aren't flying, and here's yet another data point:

    Premium Air Traffic Increases in almost all sectors, but US.
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    This is simply AWFUL news. When all the airlines close down, our blue handed friends will have extra time to inspect our sex organs on our trains, on our buses, and at our local go-kart track! We are in for it.
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    You really are a little black cloud! :p

    I don't think they'll all shut down, but some of them are certainly on thin ice and have been for some time. I think they are all getting smarter about reducing capacity instead of waiting out the storm. Time will tell...

    These data simply tell me that people aren't flying. Fisher1949 pointed out earlier that a 40% jump in complaints to TSA came around the time the once-a-year flyers were hitting the skies and encountering zap and grab for the first time. They apparently not only decided not to come back for more abuse, but convinced their friends and neighbors that it really is as bad as people said it was. Of course, the economy isn't helping. I guess based on your perspective one would be the chicken the other would be the egg.
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    It is simply not so much fun to fly anymore. It is not "cool" anymore, not when you can get dragged off a plane and be forced to show that tattoo in a location meant only for a lover. There are other things to do, and people are doing them. You've got to hand it to the government though, they certainly have a knack for taking something good and just strangling the life out of it.
  8. Mike

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    I'll bet that if you go back and look at past recessions, you will see drops in both airline and rail traffic. That Amtrak ridership is up while airline ridership & the economy are down is a pretty good indication that there are two independent forces at work here.
  9. RB

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    Where do the airlines park excess metal? Google earth images of these areas might show a larger idled fleet.
  10. barbell

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    Nope. It's an absolute PitA
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    IF this is accurate, it certainly isn't going to help the airlines:


  12. barbell

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    Well, that's clever, isn't it?

    People can point to taxation as a reason for a drop off in flying, and pretend it isn't TSA.
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    yes and noah. An awful lot of folks (I keep on thinking about all those younger couples boarding in Washington state and Oregon, clean, alert, upstanding folks) on my routes that ride coach. Overwhelming majority ride coach. And coach is DIRT cheap. Not so many ride sleeper car, which I do, which is about the same as airfare, if not more if you're unlucky wrt the dates you pick to ride.
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    I looked into this about four months ago. I remember discovering that it was a mixed bag, so I never bothered to post about it. The companies that park the unused aircraft reported that their inventory was actually dropping slightly due to increasing demand, but the TYPE of aircraft being recalled into service was selective. The interest was only in the more fuel efficient aircraft....Not the makes/models that were fuel pigs. Again this is from memory. ymmv
  15. barbell

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    The challenge with this type of analysis is where the trimmed fleets go.

    Most of the airframes in the US fleets these days are leased. That means you won't see as large of these boneyards out in the deserts.

    And of those airframes that US carriers don't want? Asia is growing. Europe is growing. The Middle East is growing. Heck, even Africa is growing. The leasors can easily take those airframes and ship them to other markets where demand is much, much higher.

    Ironically, in addition to economic growth (or at least non-stagnation), these regions also don't have TSA. Huh.
  16. Fisher1949

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    BTW, I got an inquiry from the "day late and a dollar short" staff at USA Today. I replied that I haven't been through BOS lately but thought I'd offer the experiences that anyone here might care to pass on. The inquiry is below. My track record with USA Today hasn't been good lately and generally the ensuing articles have been sanitized to make the airlines look good and the TSA issue as merely a minor inconvenience. It's all about ad revenue for Gannett.

    Hello from Bart Jansen, a transportation reporter at USA Today. I’m working on a story about a new TSA screening program at Boston’s Logan Airport. Basically for everyone boarding through Terminal A, they’ve begun chatting with every passenger between the initial officer checking the boarding pass and the magnetometers, trying to flag people concealing something.

    So I’m trying to find anyone who’s passed through Terminal A since mid-August who went through this questioning. If you’ve been through this process, I was hoping to ask:

    Did it slow you down much? What kinds of questions did you get asked -- did they seem too intrusive? Did you notice anyone getting detained for secondary screening, which involves more questioning? How was the overall experience – casual or confrontational?

    If you can pitch in on the story, let me ask you include a phone number in your reply so I could reach you if I have any other questions. Thanks much to all for your time….
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    I didn't see the full story, but the BBC had something on the ticker yesterday that air travel was done by 1/3 total internationally. Off to see if I can find more info on that. If I'm not back to report it's because I am doing my part to raise air travel via one of my favourite furrin' airports. :p
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    Righthaven got a couple more nails in its coffin this week, details here:

    Unfortunately our corporate net nanny thinks that page has something to do with sex :confused:, so I can only read it on my 'droid at the moment, but basically Righthaven got soundly walloped in Colorado. A bunch of additional summary judgements are expected against them.
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    great news! rename them Wronghaven....
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    Now that I'm home & out of reach of that damned net nanny (blog.westword.com is NOT a sex site :mad:), here are the obligatory quotes:


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