Wal-Mart and America's Paranoid Obsession With Guns

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    By Davy V.

    Did you know that Wal-Mart is the country's biggest gun dealer?

    I didn't.

    But I guess it makes sense, when you consider that Wal-Mart, which makes $34,880 in profit every minute, is the country's biggest retailer and employer, with over 4,200 stores in the U.S. alone, as of 2012.

    In the wake of yet another tragic shooting, this time in Newtown, Connecticut, where 20 year old Adam Lanza opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School, leaving 20 children dead, once again there's a lot of talk about guns, America's obsession with them, and their readily availability.

    Which, is where the giant retailer comes in.

    For years, Wal-Mart has raked in profits from selling semi-automatic, assault type rifles such as the AR-15.

    For three weeks in October of 2002, John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo went on a shooting spree along Interstate I-95 in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

    Muhammad and Boyd drove around in a 1990 blue Chevy Caprice, killing a total of 10 innocent people and leaving 3 critically wounded.

    Their weapon of choice?

    An AR-15.

    When James Holmes shot 58 people, killing 12, in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, it was an AR-15 he used.

    When Jacob Tyler Roberts opened fire in an Oregon Mall, it was an AR-15 he used to kill two shoppers and wound a third.

    And on Friday December 14, 2012 Adam Lanza used an AR-15 rifle.

    The rifle, as well as two handguns he had, belonged to his mother, Nancy Lanza.

    There are reports that Adam Lanza had some mental health issues.

    In one incident Adam Lanza became irate, began yelling at his mother and kicked her out of his bedroom, demanding that she stay in the hallway, directly on the other side of the door.

    Nancy Lanza laid on the floor in front of the door, through the entire night, with her son periodically checking to see if she was still there.

    She eventually fell asleep on the floor.

    What is perhaps most disturbing is that knowing her son had some obvious mental health issues, Nancy Lanza introduced a young Adam to guns, even taking him to the shooting range, to, as friends of Lanza described, 'boost his self esteem.'

    On that Friday morning, Nancy Lanza was the first shooting victim, as her son shot her four times at point blank range while she slept in her bed.

    Americans have an obsessive love affair with guns.

    In fact, as I'm sitting here writing this, the news on the television is reporting that firearms and ammunition sales increased immediately after the Connecticut School shooting, mostly from survivalist-type gun nuts who fear a Government ban on assault rifles and magazines.

    I think it's sick that as the innocent children of the Connecticut School shooting are being buried, Americans are cleaning out gun store shelves, buying out anything and everything they can get their hands on.

    It certainly shows an obsession.

    It also shows a paranoia.

    As the son of Cuban refugees who came to the U.S. in 1968 fleeing a tyrannical communist police state, first of all, I do believe in the Second Amendment... it comes right after my favorite amendment in the Bill of Rights--that being the First Amendment of freedom of speech, etc.

    However, the historical context of the Second Amendment is open to interpretation (being forced to house British troops,, need for militias, etc.--we were in a revolutionary war, for God's sake).

    But, again, as I said, I stand by the First Amendment.

    But the paranoia currently in vogue in the U.S. especially after President Obama's election, about a totalitarian government taking over, is absurd.

    Through my parents and my Cuban-born brother, I feel I have some knowledge and say in this: this fear of a tyrannical US government takeover of every aspect of life is overblown and borders on paranoia.

    In today's U.S. reality, rather than fearing Big Brother, we should fear Big Business, with its ever-expanding capacity to collect our private information, even our medical records in some cases.

    The flood of money and power wielded by Corporate America makes our government weaker each year.

    While I don't advocate a totalitarian state... who would?.. come on, do we want an anemic, powerless government?

    Besides, if the government ever did turn on us per this fantasy, don't you think their tanks, military fighter jets and remotely operated drones would kind of beat assault weapons?

    Do these people advocate selling RPGs and bazookas to the general public as well?

    Chemical weapons?


    Nuclear weapons?

    Lets get real... so that we reduce the chances of an incident like the Sandy Hook massacre.

    Societal murders, while unacceptable, of course, should not turn into mass killings and massacres... they do so because of the fire power of these types of weapons and the ease of obtaining them... again, their readily availability.

    There are more regulations about driving a car than owning one of these military-style weapons.

    Again, come on!

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  2. RB

    RB Founding Member

    Seems we should ban cars and trucks since one was used to kill these 10 people.
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  3. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    Although the feds eventually prevailed in the body counts, citizens were successful to a point in defending themselves from abusive federal law enforcement at both Ruby Ridge and Waco, so yes, Davy Dear, not that you'll ever see this response, it's very realistic. We'll keep our Bill of Rights as a package deal, thank you. If you can't appreciate that, there's alway Cuba.

    At Ruby Ridge the (expletive deleted) U.S. Marshal who murdered Sammy Weaver ended up dead.

    At Waco (where the dolts @ ATF went in shooting without properly serving their warrant) David Koresh & Co. were winning the initial gun battle. If Koresh's crystal ball had been working, he never would have got on the phone & offered the cease file. Note to future Koreshes: Skip the cease fire. It won't work to your advantage.
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  4. nachtnebel

    nachtnebel Original Member

    Schools are used for mass killings, so let's ban those.
    And hundreds of thousands of people injured and killed by incompetent doctors, so I guess we have to ban medical care.

    The left is vociferous on the gun angle from this tragedy, oh, was it so welcomed by them! "Your [gun] freedoms are being paid for
    by the blood of these children" was an actual quote.

    Yet stony silence when you point out their support for abortion, where THEIR freedoms are being paid for
    by the 2000 killed every day.
  5. TravelnMedic

    TravelnMedic Original Member

    Its only getting worse. In the past two days corperate America has made its bed now it has to lay in it. Dicks Sporting Goods, Walmart (Sam Walton must be and Cheaper then Dirt have decided to suspend gun sales or highly restrict them. We dont need more BS gun control or politicians selectively picking and choosing events to push there agenda.

    Cheaper then Dirt (hasnt been cheap in years -- more like cheaper then diamonds) one step further by gouging prices on just about everything from ammo to MREs to magazines (Not clips that obummer mentioned in is "speech" today - retard doesnt know what hes talking about its a magazine...clips are for your hair). In some cases prices were 3-9x the day before and were claiming it was "due to market demand" but other sellers prices hadnt moved. There have been calls to Gregg Abbott the Attorney General of the state of Texas to investigate the price fixing. Also been more then a few Boycott xyz (Dicks, walmart, Cheaper then Dirt) pages on facebook.

    Now after consumers speaking out CTD is back peddling fast but too late the damage is done. It surprising a Texas based company would fold liek a cheap lawn chair but apperently not. It will be interesting to see how well they survive considering the customer base they have alientated.

    I used to do alot of shopping there for various parts and specfic brands of ammo not readily available locally. Fortuantely have cabellas and other retailers that havent cowered so its good.
  6. RB

    RB Founding Member

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  7. TravelnMedic

    TravelnMedic Original Member

    Yeah, it just rubs me the wrong way because every firearms instructor I have shot with or taken a class from has referred to them as magazines. At two classes instructors have dropped students for push ups or other PT for using the term "clip" unless the student was using a gerand or similar for the class. They have even drilled calling round counts and "Mag change" when reloading.

    M1Gerand, Mosan Nagant, and similar rifles have en bloc or use stripper clips which is correct for those rifles.
  8. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    And half/full moon clips for .45 auto revolvers :)
  9. TravelnMedic

    TravelnMedic Original Member

    okay guys I get it you can stop busting my bolt carriers now.

    Moon clips would be applicable in a revolver class but not defensive carbine/rifle and pistol (semi-auto) class.
  10. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    According to Bloomberg News, WalMart is mostly sold out.

    They did remove the Bushmaster AR-15 from their listings, which is not surprising given that it's bad karma after last week's shootings, even though it's my understanding that the Bushmaster stayed out in the car.

    Regarding price fixing, charging 3x-9x and saying "it's the market" is fine. Price fixing requires some kind of overt signaling or agreement with your competitors. If you can still buy something at 1/3 - 1/9 the price elsewhere, there is competition, not price fixing.
  11. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    But it's still an example of a clip.

    A clip is something that holds (or "clips" on) to the rims of the cartridges. A magazine (often called a clip but technically not a clip) is a container into which the cartridges are inserted, usually against a spring loaded floor.
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  12. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    I searched for "rifles" in the "Sports and Outdoors" dept at Wally World Dot Com, and these were the first two offered:

    rifles at wally world.jpg
    Interesting, because the punk did use his mother's Sig Sauer .223 in the school. Bushmaster must be out due to name recognition, and it rolls of the tongue easier, but Sig Sauer is still cool to buy at Wally World. Go figure. ​
  13. TravelnMedic

    TravelnMedic Original Member

    The 4 walmarts I checked locally had nothing of the AR variety yesterday and today. Closest was a Henry lever action 22, Ruger 10/22 or bolt action rifles (mostly low end).

    Name recognition but for the most part its a low quality POS in my opinion so far from mil-spec or well built its not funny. Whatever it was he left it in the back seat of the car so he didnt use it. Was it the Sig 223( pictured above) or the 556 version that looks completely different. Dont get me wrong Sig is a good manufacture of quality firearms but not at the top of my list of what I would choose.

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