War in Eastasia to Continue: Threat from Syria Will Last a Decade, Top Lawmaker Warns

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    Yes, of course the war in Eastasia will continue forever, ten years is just a start ...

    If you're sick of hearing about 9/11 for the last 13 years, these people are planning on continuing the charade for at least another decade.

    Guarding our airports overseas? How presumptuous!

    Threat from Syria Will Last a Decade, Top Lawmaker Warns

    The growing chaos in Iraq and Syria, where thousands of Western recruits have joined terrorist groups to train and fight, is cultivating a global threat that the United States is "going to be dealing with for the next decade," the head of the House Homeland Security Committee warned Saturday.

    "It's the biggest threat to the homeland," McCaul said, noting that many of the foreign fighters in Syria, including more than 100 Americans, have "clean documents, legal travel documents" and "can blend in."

    McCaul praised TSA administrator John Pistole, who was in the audience, for "guarding our airports overseas" and doing "exactly the right thing in protecting American lives."

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