Video War on Skirts Continues

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Fisher1949

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  2. Doober

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    Actually, this part of this pat down wasn't that bad - no hand in the crotch, at least.
  3. Fisher1949

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    Actually not nearly as bad as it would have been in December. Makes one wonder if the screeners even know what the "proper procedure" is.
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  4. KrazyKat

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    Boy it must be tough keeping all those SOP notebooks up-to-date.;)
  5. Mike

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    Let's hope that they do and are following it. That would mean that things are improving, at least temporarily.
  6. nachtnebel

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    It would be nice to know what kind of patdown this was, SOP or a post AIT/ATR feel over. If SOP, it looks a lot less invasive than other skirt searches I've seen. not too bad actually.
  7. exbayern

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    As noted, this is not what currently tends to happen when wearing a skirt at TSA checkpoints I frequent. In fact, I asked about the 'skirt lunge' seen in this video because it seems to have disappeared late last year to be replaced with more intrusive feeling between the legs. At least one TSO confirmed that the lunge was a thing of the past in the US, replaced with the new procedure.

    If this is a step back, great, but I worry that it is just more of the inconsistency.
  8. nachtnebel

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    I didn't see skirt lunge last week, but did see the screener bunch the skirt around the leg as if it were pants, then feel around the leg. The screener didn't get up into proximity to the crotch, but it looked like outright groping of the leg. Much more objectionable than the video shown here. The butt rub is amazing, given the reticence of most women to be felt up like this by strangers. I'm not sure why the skirted people I saw got this treatment since there was no NoS at this particular airport. Making people spread their legs like that is simply wrong.
  9. exbayern

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    I have actually been told to 'spread 'em', a term I find vulgar.

    The war on skirts isn't related to NoS; they are considered 'bulky' by many regardless of fabric, fit and cut, and thus at some airports some screeners or some leadership consider ALL skirt wearers to be subject to closer inspection. I have actually been told by contract screening company managers at non-TSA airports that TSA requires them to check all skirts on all passengers, even when TSA doesn't go so far themselves.

    Some airports are worse than others. DTW is one. I have recounted before how I found myself stuffed in the penalty box with a number of older American women. When the discussion began about how none of them had set off the WTMD, and they began to question why we were all stuffed in the box together, I had them consider our collective wardrobes. Yes, we were all wearing skirts. (Interesting too that the area around DTW has the largest concentration of Arab-Americans, but I don't know if that is related to their rather enthusiastic war on skirts there)

    I did actually have physical checks three times now in Germany in the last two months. Each time the skirt check was minimal. I was never told to 'spread 'em' or to do a lunge, and there was minimal touching of my legs and certainly not along the inside of my thigh.
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  10. Cartoon Peril

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    I'm sure there's an appropriate bairische response!
  11. N965VJ

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    No doubt, but I think some screeners fancy themselves LEOs with the costume they wear, so they are just parroting lines they hear on television shows about police.

    Cue Law & Order music :rolleyes:
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  12. exbayern

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    I am not a prolific user of swear words, but a well used 'Schmarrn!' with appropriate rolling of the R's is rather satisfying every now and again (and I am not referring to the sweet dessert found in Bavaria and Austria but instead the southern equivalent of 'Quatsch!')

    Sadly, I believe that the use of 'spread 'em' is something which some screeners seem to enjoy, because of the association with humiliation and dominance. The quality of the female screener really has gone downhill, and most of the ones I encounter seem to be around retirement age or newly entered into the workforce age. Both groups seem rather bitter and angry. I did actually get a muttered 'sorry, I wasn't thinking' from one at IAD this year after she decided to throw my shoes into the bin containing my coat, leaving mud marks behind. (This was part of the 'shoes on the roller/shoes in the bin' game; screener before the machine wanted on the roller, and she wanted in the bin, hence the passenger was punished)

    Women sadly can sometimes be really ugly towards each other, especially when fueled by jealously or perceived slights.
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  13. N965VJ

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    The TSA has a serious problem hiring and retaining competent female screeners because of the groping being conducted. This will only get worse when the job market improves, and I imagine women travelers will be pressured into consenting to have a male screener grope them because it "may take a long time" for a female to be available. It's a sad situation, but perhaps necessary to finally have the TSA reigned in.
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  14. Cartoon Peril

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    Incidents of men groping women (sorry Bart, but that term is accurate and I intend to keep using it) were reported in November-December 2010, but they seem to have died off since then. Of course the TSA manual that the idiots at the Ministry of Homeland Security had posted on line for months specifically purported to permit such gropes under certain circumstances. That these seem to have not occurred for some time I take to be be a sign of partial rationality on the part of TSA.
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  15. nachtnebel

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    You are afflicted with the same ailment I have. Hoping and seeing evidence where there is none. Just when you buy into the "hope and change coming" pointed to by Bart, he comes off and says screeners *should* be pushing higher into your crotch all the way up, I guess, and should not be backing off (being decent, from our POV). They seem desperately to want to keep owning the high inside thigh area, which is unreasonable unless there is a reasonable cause for that search. Not just random fishing. The ability of male screeners to feel over women passengers is on the books. At small airports lacking female screeners, it WILL be invoked at some point and probably already has since last October/December.

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