Washington Examiner: Hassling the innocent is TSA's specialty

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by CelticWhisper, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. CelticWhisper

    CelticWhisper Founding Member

    Article goes on to administer a nice condemnation of TSA and the general security state overall.

  2. Caradoc

    Caradoc Original Member

    They're so busy trying to convince people that what they do is "necessary" that they've completely lost the plot.
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  3. N965VJ

    N965VJ Original Member

    Interesting. I looked up that up:

    Now, who does that remind you of?
  4. Lisa Simeone

    Lisa Simeone Original Member

    I have a friend who served in Special Forces in Vietnam. To say he has stories is an understatement. (He's a peace activist nowadays.) He said the term they used back in the day was REMF -- "rear echelon motherfucker." That was more for the generals (and politicians, and other blowhards) who were gung-ho for war from the safety of their armchairs.
  5. KrazyKat

    KrazyKat Original Member

    Two wonderful terms-- one for the checkpoint experience, another for its apologists. Wish there were icons for these as well.
  6. N965VJ

    N965VJ Original Member

    I'm thinking this is the mindset of some of the Gung-Ho screeners like our bestest buddy Ron. He used to be a MP in the Air Force. Can you imagine how he treated people back then? :eek:

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